My husband and I retired to this area (El Dorado Springs) from Kansas City six years ago. We have need for a myriad of medical services for the chronic health conditions from which my husband suffers.

We found that Cedar County Memorial Hospital had an extended list of services including Senior Life Solutions; a cardiac program, and a well-staffed Emergency Department just a name a few. It was our choice to move here to Cedar County as its medical system is well equipped to handle a geriatric population and its needs.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome that my husband has been able to achieve with the services of Cedar County Memorial Hospital.

I know if I would happen to suffer a heart attack myself, the odds are with me that I will receive the treatment that I need in time by seeking care here locally. I am also not willing or really able to pick-up and move to another community at this stage of my life. Cedar County residents – please realize that Cedar County Memorial Hospital serves more than just this county – and VOTE YES on June 2.

Pamela Lacuesta

El Dorado Springs

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