Some of the Afghanistan people and Americans there are desperate to get out of the country. Some chose to die hanging on to the plane taking off rather than face the soldiers. Laura Logan said women journalists are told they don’t have jobs anymore. One journalist was executed on the newsroom floor. Laura Logan said an Afghanistan leader told her that if needed he could give his eight-year-old daughter to a 67-year-old man as domestic chattel. He might rape her everyday and leave her to his next relative when he dies. Women and girls have no rights there. The Afghanistan army is going door to door looking for anyone who helped us. They execute even those who confess.

This could happen to us in the US. President Biden is not protecting us from our enemies. He has scrapped every common-sense measure that Trump started.. He makes concessions to our enemies. He makes our country weak – militarily, economically and morally. His action turning off the pipeline has made Russia and the Middle East oil cartel rich and powerful, and us energy dependent on our enemies.

President Biden’s policies at the border are devastating to us. Thousands of immigrants, many with Covid, are pouring into our country at great expense to our taxpayers. Bert, a Trump judge, has just decreed immigrants have to remain in Mexico until their status is decided.

Please hold President Biden and his administration responsible for these decisions. His foolhardy decisions have put our lies in jeopardy. He was warned to make prudent moves on Afghanistan, but bulldozed ahead leaving a “3rd world airport” to get people out and no plan. This could be us with nowhere to escape.

Carolyn West