With all the lefts’ ridiculous gender ideology, one has to wonder where this all leads to. Males identifying as females, then break all kinds of records when they join women’s track in colleges. Men can identify as women and go into women’s bathrooms. There are many other examples of this going on in all aspects of our lives now.

I think of one thing a lot. What if Donald Trump, just for one day, identifies as a woman. Let’s call him Donna. He would then become the first woman president. He would beat Hillary Clinton, Amy Klobucher, Kamala Harris, Liz Warren, and others as the first woman president. If he is still married to Melania, Donna would also become the first gay president. He would be the first lesbian president married to an immigrant. That would be a glorious moment. If any president would do that, it would be Donald Trump.

There is not a whole lot the left could do about that. They say that gender is fluid. Donna could go back to being Donald the next day. Either gender ideology would fall apart or Donald (Donna) Trump would go down as the first woman, lesbian president married to an immigrant in the history books. Oh, how I would love to read the headlines on the mudstream media!

On a side note Hillary Clinton could never be our first female president. She could only be the first f president since her “emale” has been deleted.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs