This morning, the 4th of July, I went to the cemetery to put up a flag at the graves of our friends and ourselves. The cemetery looked beautiful with a lot of flowers and several small flags. However, the line of large flags down the midway was missing. Have we forgotten the significance of the 4th of July? It is not just a day to gather with friends, to go to the lake or to shoot off fireworks. It is the day to celebrate the independence of our country. It is Independence Day. It is the most important day to display the Stars and Strips, the flag of our country.

I don’t know who is responsible for putting up the flags at the cemetery; the cemetery board, the City or volunteers. The volunteers of the Optimist Club certainly got the flags up around town.

I believe we bought flags to be displayed on 54 Hwy. They were not up either. I’m sure that’s a City job. I am disappointed with our lack of patriotism.. II don’t know where the buck stops, but it starts with the City administration. I don’t believe it comes form ignorance, hope not from laziness, but it reflects poorly on our community.

Bill Neale