Sponsored by G.F.W.C. Generation III

Eligible – Kindergarten and First Graders Only

GFWC is accepting candidates for this years contest. If your child would like to participate please submit 2 (same photo) wallet or 4×6 photos with their name, grade, parents, address, and contact number on the reverse side of the photo. Photos may not be returned. Photos must be received by Monday, October 28, 2019.

Photos can be dropped off at: Santa Paula Awning, 305 S Main, El Dorado Springs.

Thursday, Oct. 31, the voting boxes were placed at Woods Supermarket and Evans Pharmacy in El Dorado Springs. Only containers at these locations are eligible for voting. The winners are chosen by a Penny-A-Vote. Green and Silver are also welcome! ($1.00 = 100 votes) The voting will close on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 14.

Saturday, Nov. 16, all contestants should be present at the Community Center at 10:50 AM. Each contestant will receive a gift and the winners will be announced. The Christmas Parade will follow at 3 p.m. All contestants are requested to ride on the Generation III float in the Christmas Parade. All Float participants should dress warm and meet us at 2:30 at the Department Of Conservation. We will have adults to ride the float with the kids. Please pick up your child after our floats goes through the parade at the intersection of East Spring and St James. As we are one of the first floats this will allow your child to watch the rest of the parade with you.

Saturday, Nov. 16, the Lighting Celebration will follow the parade at approximately 4:45 p.m. The contestants and winners will be announced during the Lighting Celebration following Miss Merry Christmas. Please meet us on the west side of the bandstand to line up for introductions.

Contest Committee: Shelly Barger, Tara Friar and Michelle Morin

Questions can be answered by Shelly @ 417-876-1819.

Thank you for allowing your child to be part of this great community event.         

All proceeds for community projects including local scholarships.

General Federation of Women’s Clubs Generation III. www.gfwc.org or www.gfwcmo.org.