Make 2016 a year to remember by getting your adult vaccinations. From time to time, the CDC allows county health departments the opportunity to offer vaccines under the “317 program” to uninsured or underinsured adults. Effective July 1, the following vaccines may be offered through the Cedar County Health Department:

•Hepatitis B

•Hepatitis A/B








•Zoster (only to adults 60 years of age and older)


•Prevnar 13 (individuals over age 65) or immunocompromised adults.

Appointments are required due to availability of staff and supply of vaccines. We will have a limited supply of these vaccinations but can order more as needed, so call to check availability. There will be an administration fee for each vaccination given.

If you believe you qualify for these vaccinations, and are interested please give us a call at 417/876-5477 in El Dorado Springs or 417/276-6416 in Stockton.

Jenean Ehlers, Cedar County Health Department, explained, “MMR is mumps measles and rubella. We vaccinate 1 and 4-6 year olds with this. Meningococcal(meningitis) is what is now required for incoming 8th graders and seniors this year.  Tdap is Tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis (whooping cough). Incoming 8th graders receive Tdap. Td is tetanus diphtheria, varicella is chicken pox vaccine which is given to 1 and 4-6 year olds and zoster is shingles vaccine.  Tdap is recommended for new parents, grandparents, caregivers or those who would be around infants under 1 year of age in the prevention of whooping cough. Adults and adolescents are the carriers who give it to infants before they have had the initial three shots at ages 2 mo.,4 mo. and 6 mo.  Td is recommended every 10 years or sooner if severely injured. College students of any age may be required to have the MMR and Varicella especially if they are going into health care fields. If a person had to pay for these vaccines, many of them are quite expensive. We are only charging an administration fee of $21.50 per shot. My suggestion is that individuals discuss these vaccines with their physician.”