4-H enrollment open in October

Enrollment for Missouri 4-H will open Oct. 1 for the new 4-H year all across Missouri.

The 4-H program is open to any youth ages five to 18.  Annual enrollment dues for most county 4-H programs is $30.  However, for the second year in a row, youth covered with Missouri Health Net Managed Care plans may be eligible to receive a $20 voucher 4-H enrollment through their insurance’s member services.

It is important to remember that 4-H is not limited to youth; adults are essential to making the 4-H program possible.  There is no enrollment fee for registered adult volunteers.

“Our 4-H program is not only agriculture anymore. The 4-H program offers a wide variety of project interests such as photography, foods, shooting sports, robotics, animals and so much more,” said Christian County 4-H Educator Jennifer Hancock.

Christian County currently has six active 4-H clubs.  Greene County has eight active 4-H clubs. Most every county in the state has at least one active 4-H club.

Christian county

“In Christian County we have recently added a club in Clever.  September is a great time to ask questions about 4-H and find the right club for your family,” added Hancock.

There will be an informational 4-H meeting open to the public Sept. 23, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the 4-H building located at Finley River Park in Ozark.  For more information, call the Christian County Extension office at 417-581-3558.

A list and description of each club can be found at the Christian County Extension website http://extension.missouri.edu/Christian/4h.

Impact and contact

Nationally, 4-H is the largest positive youth development program in the country.  According to a longitudinal research study completed by Tufts University in 2010, youth involved in 4-H are four times more likely to give back to their communities, two times more likely to make healthier choices and two times more likely to participate in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities.

Missouri 4-H is University of Missouri Extension’s youth development program. The 4-H program helps to create opportunities for young people to be valued, contributing members of their community. To learn how to get involved locally go to http://mo4h.missouri.edu.

Residents of southwest Missouri can contact any of these 4-H youth development specialists and educators with MU Extension for  information:  Jennifer Hancock in Christian County, (417) 581-3558; Krista Tate in Howell County, (417) 256-2391; Bob McNary in Jasper County, (417) 358-2158; Karla Deaver in Lawrence County, (417) 466-3102; Mike Coffey in Newton County, (417) 455-9500; Velynda Cameron in Polk County, (417) 326-4916; Willa Williams in Taney County, (417) 546-4431; or Janice Weddle in Texas County, (417) 967-4545.

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