Nathan and Melody Durant, missionaries to Mexico and Nicaragua, will present a special program at the Dederick Christian Church on Oct. 13 at 6 p.m. for a potluck dinner followed by Nathan’s presentation of their work for Christ.

Nathan is from Oklahoma, and was a Baptist preacher and rancher. Melody is from the rural Carthage/Jasper area. Melody is a former home economics instructor and extension professional. She was a 10 year 4-Her and is well known as a fantastic cook. She is the author of two cookbooks that are a combination of great recipes, humor, and testimony.

The pot luck meal will also include authentic Mexican food prepared by Melody and some of Melody’s outstanding recipes.

The Durants have an exciting life. Hear of their ministry and adventures, learn about the efforts for their 7th annual Celebrando Navidad this Dec. 27-29. The Durants will feed 2,000 at what is called the Dump Church in Mexico, located in a town dump, during these days. The Durants host volunteers for this event. Workers stay in dormitories in Texas and go each day to Mexico to prepare and serve food and gifts.

During Celebrando, while locals are in line for food, the children are given gallon zip lock bags filled with gifts. Yarn is attached to the bags to serve as a loop to place the bags around their necks. These zip lock bags are filled with gifts of little toys, books, hard candy and other items. If you are looking for a Christmas charity, preparing gift bags would be a great activity for your kids of all ages. Churches, 4-H Clubs and individuals all prepare the bags and send to the Celebrando.

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