Herriman Chapel Camp Committee Chairman, Rev. Richard Beckham, announces the upcoming 20222 Herriman Chapel Camp is scheduled for Sunday, July 31 to Sunday, Aug. 7.
The history of Herriman Chapel Camp started 95 years ago. The year was 1927…a year of hardship for many, a half-gallon of milk cost .29 and five pounds of sugar was .35. On the political scene, Joseph Stalin had taken control of Russia and President Coolidge announced he would not run for President in 1928. In technology, x-rays were used for the first time and the iron lung was invented, which for some polio victims this was their only hope for survival. Henry Ford finally admitted that the Model T was outdated and closed his plant to retool for the Model A which would far outsell the earlie model. The year 1927 was filled with the excitement of the times; however, just ahead a dark and ominous future loomed. In the final year of the decade, the stock market would crash leading our county into a depression. But here, in the foothills of Missouri, a revival sprung forth. Bro. David Englund, Bro. J.S. Worthington, Bro. R. ç. Oldham and Bro. Charlie Mitchell met at Oak Dale Church with a vision and made plans for Herriman Chapel Camp.
Down through the years many life changing experiences have happened on this campus. Many young men and women have spent time at the altar seeking God and His direction for their lives. Today these people are leaders in our local churches, in our communities and some have traveled the world as ministers and missionaries.
We are again facing challenging times. Camp 2020 had to be canceled due to Covid-19. Some of us have lost a family member or friends due to this awful and dreaded virus. Record high gas prices, rising food costs and skyrocketing inflation can be discouraging. At Camp 2022, our 94 camp meeting, we will continue to fulfill the vision of our forefathers. You will be uplifted with inspirational music by our worship leaders, Don and Sheryl Gessner, from Brownsburg, ID. Charles Goddard, from Nashville, TN, will be our evangelist. He will give us words of encouragement, hope and will keep us focused on our main goal in life…living our best for our Lord Jesus Christ.
Children in the area are invited to attend Camp Victory held each day at 10:30 a.m. This year, Captain Carol Avery, our leader, will teach our children to be brave, strong and courageous. There will be music, stories, arts/crafts, games and prizes. While the children are attending Camp Victory, parents, grandparents, daycare workers, are invited to join the adults in our morning worship service, and then enjoy a wonderful lunch served in our dining hall.
Our meal time have been extended to give our working families an opportunity to join us for meal times and attend our services. Special music is planned every evening. Including a concert at 6 p.m. Sunday evening, July 31, featuring the Wanda Mountain Boys Southern Gospel Quartet, The ‘Best of the Best’ local talent at 6:30 p.m. Saturday evening. Aug. 6, and Greg Blake and the Hartland Quartet at 6 p.m. Sunday evening, Aug. 7.
Fundraisers are planned. On Thursday evening, Aug. 4, we will have a pie and cake auction. This is always a fun event with Marley McLerran as our auctioneer. On Saturday evening, prior to the Best of the Best concert at 6:30, we will serve BBQ in the dining hall. For this fundraiser we will sell adult tickets for $7.
Without a doubt, we can say that many people, down through the years, have made lifetime decisions on this plot of ground because a few mean had a vision and kept that vision. Join us as we celebrate Camp 2022. Let’s make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.

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