Recently, the Monett, Missouri Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had a change in its stake presidency. Although the name “Monett”  might give a false idea that the Monett Stake only comprises the town of Monett, the stake reaches as far north as Cedar County, as far south as the Arkansas border, just shy of Billings on the east and some places near the Kansas border on the west and serves over 3,000 members.

Paul Fields, Carthage, marketing researcher and consultant for some of the largest contractors in the country, was sustained as Monett Stake President and will govern the religious activities within his stake boundaries.  Kirt Bliss, Dadeville, rancher, was sustained as Monett Stake First Counselor. Edward Numbers, Aurora, biomedical equipment technician, was sustained as Monett Stake Second Counselor.

Outgoing Monett Stake President, Ben Leavitt, Pierce City, reminded members, at a Sept. 24 Monett Stake meeting, that “in Christ we have a sure foundation,” and “The most important direction we can look, is up.”

When President Fields was  asked what he would like to see happen within the Monett Stake, he answered, “I would like to see the church members equally yoked and cooperating together with others in our communities to bring the work of the Lord forward. I would also like to see a reaching out to the heavy laden members and to those of other faiths.”

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