Cedar County MU Extension Council is providing two opportunities to learn about the new version of Windows called Windows 10.  The first class will be held in El Dorado Springs on Nov. 9 at 7 p. m. at the Youth Center, 508 North Main, El Dorado Springs. The class will be repeated on Nov. 10 at 7 p. m. at the Cedar County Library at 717 East Street, Stockton. The topics covered at the classes will be:

· Windows 10 Basics

· Customize Windows 10

· Fix Annoyances and Problems

· Cortana Tips

· Edge Browser Tips

· Performance and Productivity

· Security and Networking

· Storage and Backup

The courses will be taught by Leslie Carol-Bartlett, retired MU Extension technology specialist. The cost of each individual class is $10 per person and computers will be provided for you to use at the class. We have a limit of 20 people per class.

People wishing to attend the class need to register by contacting the Cedar County MU Extension Center (113 South Street, Stockton. 65785) at 417 – 276 – 3313 or by email at cedarco@missouri.edu.  Fee and registration needs to be submitted to the extension office by Nov. 8 and checks can be made payable to the Cedar County MU Extension Center.  No refunds if cancellation is after Nov. 8. For any other questions or information, please contact the extension office.