This past weekend, a young lady reporting on deer season changes for Springfield television station KYTV, channel 3, made the statement that the deer killing “Chronic Wasting Disease” does not affect people. That is an incorrect statement, which is easily debunked. It does transfer from deer, elk, cattle or sheep and goats to humans and hundreds or perhaps thousands have died horrible death from what it is… an infestation of something called ‘prions’ in the brain.
Where the Conservation Department and the modern news media gets by in making that statement is… the disease that kills deer and the same exact disease killing humans is accurately called… “transmissible spongiform encephalopathy”. Chronic wasting disease is a common name for it like Ozarkians calling a green heron a shikepoke. They are the same, but called different names!
The names…mad-cow disease and scrapies and chronic wasting are common names for transmissible spongiform encephalopathy. A couple of years ago there were 7 people died from it in the Ozarks of Arkansas. One was a taxidermist mounting deer heads. I have interviewed people who have lost loved ones to the disease, one man from Joplin talks about his brother killing a giant-antlered, sick buck thought to have been turned out of a deer-pen operation.
No news operation will interview him. I did. With tears streaming down his cheek, he told me how the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia took his brother’s body and had it cremated because they confirmed it was Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy. Of the dozen or so people I have talked to who had relatives die of that ‘sponge in the brain’ disease, all say the disease was a slow horrible death and that the Atlanta-based CDC would not allow the bodies to be taken to a funeral home. All had been deer hunters.

This buck almost certainly has the disease. The landowner called several times trying to get the deer, which died days later, tested. It was never tested, No MDC personnel ever came.
In our Common Sense Conservation meeting in Houston, Mo on Thursday evening, September 14, I will tell you what hours and hours of research has told me about transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, and why the Missouri Department of Conservation fears that it will cost them tens of thousands of dollars. The power they have keeps the truth from being known.
No, ‘chronic wasting disease’ is not a common name for what kills humans. It is something confined to deer. BUT, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy is the term for what kills everything from humans, deer, elk, goats, cattle and sheep. It has killed many, many humans and you can’t prove that they got it from deer, because maybe they got it from beef, or elk or goat and sheep meat! And if you ask that television station why they said humans aren’t affected by it, that is what they will tell you. It is what they have been told to say.
My next project will be to try to get relatives of those who died from the disease in a meeting where the MDC and the Springfield television will almost have to be there.

Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy started in commercial deer farms like this one, where deer were fed meat by products to make bigger antlers. That continues today, herbivores being fed meat.
No major newspaper in Missouri will use this article, even as a letter to the editor.
We will talk about many things in that meeting at the Houston Rural firehouse, which is next to the Texas County Library on that upcoming Thursday evening.
You may get the answers to questions you have. Some landowners want to get information on the movement of black vultures into the Ozarks and what they can do. To get more information on the meeting, call me at 417-777-5227, or email me at Visit my website often to read more about the outdoors. It is