The experts at Hunting and Shooting Related Consultants LLC (HSRC) share the concerns of the National Wild Turkey Federation and urge hunters not to get caught up in the dangerous method of turkey hunting called “fanning”.

This technique is being promoted by a number of hunting video producers and decoy manufacturers. Any time a hunter puts the replica of the target animal within close proximity, they put themselves in danger. A hunter must hunt defensively and always consider that decoy placement is critical and can put a hunter at risk.

According to HSRC this activity can and will result in serious injury or death. Sometimes called “reaping” the method utilizes the actual fan from a turkey either mounted on a shotgun barrel or on a homemade or commercially sold decoy. The fan is either held in front of the hunter or can even be worn on the hunter’s head.

In order to have a safe and quality hunt, hunters must hunt defensively and follow all rules of hunter safety. It is much safer to practice on becoming a proficient caller; however avoid using a gobble call.

Always make sure you identify all the characteristics of a legal bird before firing.