By Bobby Dains

Dains Fish Farm


Fishing is cold and rainy.

I’ve had a few customers. I’m petty sure you can catch fish. But the fishing ain’t any good. It’s cold.

Fishing is terrible, but the catching is good.

The guys I know buy bait and go down to Truman. I’m sure the fishing is good.

What are they catching?

I think the river is messed up for flatheads, but you get down out of the current and catch those blues. They are moving.

Water inspires them to go. If you get in those eddys and stuff you can still catch the blues.

They go with moving water. They move a lot. They run in schools. They are like piranhas.

Fish are still biting. It’s just been rainy and cold. They are still catching fish.

I know of three guys fishing down around Osceola. The river is unstable right now.

I think Sac River is doing pretty good.

I’m telling stories a little bit. You have to be dedicated to fish in the rain.

Are the crappie biting anywhere?

Yep. Stockton and Truman were good. Last time you talked to me, they were going up Big Clear. I never did find out about that.

You can’t go as far up Big Clear as you used to. They put in that bridge.

That man made beaver dam?