Lake Stockton Report

by Harry Lefferts and Jesse Johnson

Stockton State Park Marina

A week ago one of my neighbors caught 30 walleye on a Saturday. Biggest one was a 24 incher. He was on B-4 with other people in the boat.

I’m hearing about some white bass around Masters.

A guy in here right now caught white bass in Miller’s Cove south of Orleans Trail.

Harry put Jesse Johnson on the phone.

We were using medium size Rattle Traps with a big nose on them. The white bass ran about 10 inches. They weren’t big ones, but we cleaned them.

We tried to stay out in about 20 ft. of water. I was marking a lot of fish. I marked a lot of structure that looked like it had crappie around it, but I didn’t stop and fish it.

We caught them from 10 o’clock until about 2 o’clock.

It looked like they might be working a little bit, but not enough to stop and cast into them.

I’m not sure how deep the Rattle Trap was getting. I didn’t put any weight in front of it. I just cast out and let out a lot of line when I threw.

Caplinger Mills Report

by Jeanell Harrelson

Caplinger Woods campground and Riverside Bait and Canoe

Fishing is not too bad. They are catching white bass and I heard of some hybrids up to 4 or 5 lbs. each

A friend of our caught some nice catfish the other  day up to 5 lbs. on shad.

Beast time for white bass is earlier right after the water has run the night before. Catfish bite while the water is running when they open the dam during the week.

ElDo Report

by Ruth Foreman

R&R Sporting & Tackle

There are few fishing. They haven’t said if they are catching.

Last I knew they were catching some white bass down at Caplinger.

Taberville Report

by Linda McCallister

Dains Fish Farm

We’ve had campers, a father and a son, who got a 34 lb. flathead on their trotline. They pulled their lines out Monday. They started out using their own frozen shad. They got brown carp and perch from us. They had better luck with the brown carp so that’s what they stayed with.

I know several people have been buying nightcrawlers. They have caught some bluegill, perch and catfish in private ponds.

I think this week is going to be really slow because it is so hot.

It’s supposed to rain this weekend and cool off so there might be more people fishing over the weekend.