Taberville Report

by Linda McCallister

Dains Fish Farm

The Osage River has gone down a lot and I think that has kinda hurt the catfishing because it doesn’t have much current. Everybody is hoping that with the rain we are supposed to get all this week it will put a little bit more current in it. Fishing has been pretty good if they can get out of that dead water out into the channel with night crawlers. They have still been doing pretty good with limb lines and jugs with perch. So fishing is still good but not necessarily from the bank with a rod and reel.

We’ve got a picture here of a 34 lb. flathead that was caught two weeks ago on shad.

Some kids did say that they are catching crappie at the tubes between the south and north lakes at Schell.  That’s pretty good right now.

ElDo Rreport

by Ruth Foreman

R&R Sporting & Tackle

Fishing is OK. They are catching crappie, bass and catfish.

They are catching crappie and stuff down at Caplinger. A guy said he caught some crappie at Schell.

Stockton Area Report

by Brad Burns

Happy Hooker


They are still catching a lot of crappie at Caplinger. Size is anywhere from 10 to 13 or 14.

They are still catching some walleye out on the lake off the points 20 to 25 feet deep using night crawlers on  jig heads or worm harnesses. There are still a few of them trolling with them.

Bass, of course, are horrible.

They are still catching some crappie out on the brushpiles on the lake.

Right below the dam up here off the huge wall, they are still catching crappie and blue gills.

They are still catching catfish below the dam. And I heard they are still catching catfish at Caplinger.

Several guys are using trotlines in the river baited with about a 4 inch shiner.

Lake Stockton Report

by Catie Coudle

Stockton State Park Marina

They are catching crappie with minnows and trolling baits in 30 to 40 feet of water. Walleyes are in 20 feet of water hitting Road Runners and jigs, bottom bouncers.