Lake Stockton Report

Stockton Sate Park Marina

by Joey Fidler

I haven’t heard anything this week but people are not buying minnows and worms. It had slowed down but they are still getting out there. I expect it to pick up with the warm weather we are supposed to have this weekend.

We will be open until he end of the month then we will close for the winter.

Taberville Report

by Bobby Dains

Dains Fish Farm

Blues and Flatheads are still biting. The cold weather and wind may stop the fishermen but the fish still bite. It’s 80 degrees today (Friday). You can fish the river but you have to be careful in the lake.

I’m selling goldfish right now. They are easier for me to get. I’ve got eight or nine fishermen out all over the place – the river, Deepwater, Crab Tree.

We stay open all winter. People got to have their beer.

Caplinger Report

by Danny Finch

Caplinger Woods

Mid afternoon on Saturday

I haven’t seen anybody go down there to fish off the bridge all day. Too much wind.