The Missouri Department of Conservation has recently handed out new regulations for the upcoming fall deer season which includes telling anyone who puts out mineral blocks, salt blocks or wildlife feed that they can no longer do so.  Good luck with that.

Such a regulation shows just how far the MDC has moved away from common people and common sense.  In the winter, I buy corn for the wild turkeys on my land and will continue to do so.  Turkeys are hard pressed now and winter flocks can use that feed. So can quail, though I feed them differently! With quail feed should be scattered, with turkeys it can be put out in feeders.  I will however put a sign up beside the feeder telling deer to leave the corn alone.

The MDC is afraid such a thing will help the spread of CWD, the ‘chronic wasting disease’ which amounts to the invasion of the brain by prions.  Prions are said to be an abnormal protein which affects various mammals, INCLUDING HUMANS. Doctors I have talked with can’t really describe them but they all know that prions have killed people.  How many cannot be known.

On my place there are two natural mineral licks, and I am wondering if the MDC might want to come in and bulldoze them!  They might also want to come and cut away those branches right above the scrapes found here and there in the fall.  Deer sometimes urinate in those scrapes, lick the ground and lick and bite and rake the branches above the scrape.  Sometimes you wonder if they have the slightest idea what they are doing.  You can’t tell all of us who live in deer habitat that we can’t feed turkeys in the winter, or squirrels or quail or doves or rabbits.  I am going to do that, as I have for 20 years.  And those natural mineral licks will stay where they have always been.

The deer disease, CWD, originated everywhere because we allowed greedy deer-pen operators to bring sick deer and elk into various states, and wild deer were therefore infected as well.  Some deer pen owners actually released sick deer into the wild just to get rid of them easily. Where were all the regulations then?  Too much money involved to stop that!

So let me say something good about this bunch of ..uh.. expert biologists.  This fall, deer hunters will have various sites around the state where they can get their deer tested for chronic wasting, or the prion infestation which can and has killed humans.  That is a great step. Take advantage of this to be safe. I would never eat untested venison and I would warn all hunters to follow suit, because people WILL die this year from that disease.  In their news release the MDC states…” There have been no cases of CWD infecting people. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly recommends having deer tested for CWD if harvested in an area known to have cases of the disease. The CDC also recommends not eating meat from animals that test positive for CWD. “

That first sentence is just a lie.  If you take away the CWD and  insert ‘prion disease’ or spongiform disease, then they couldn’t say that. 

This is something you need to know…  If rabies was called ‘Rabies’ when it affects skunks and small mammals, and called ‘Mad-Dog’ disease in dogs, foxes and coyotes, then named ‘Horrible Water Aversion’ disease in humans, then you could say no humans have died from Rabies.  It is the same way with chronic wasting disease.  I have talked to many people who have lost loved ones who died with disease, so horrible that the Center For Disease Control would not allow them to be taken to a funeral home, and rather, had them cremated immediately.

One research project, in Colorado shows that 78 people in that state have died of the disease in recent years, and they suspect 48 other people also died from it, whom   were not tested because of family objections.

Another medical research project showed that the brain tissue from 31of 320 people who were said to have died from Alzheimer’s disease actually had those prions in their brain.  In humans, the prion disease is named Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

You can read five pages of research on this disease in my spring Lightnin’ Ridge Magazine, simply by sending a self addressed envelope with two stamps on it. People everywhere need to eat no venison which has not been tested.  And if you feel in the dark on this disease, let me send you that info on what has been learned in recent months, information that the MDC will never tell you. I don’t know why they are taking the stance they are taking because of ignorance or in order to insure they do not lose money in deer tag sales.  But you can be sure of this… In 2019, as in 2018, people WILL die from prion infestation of the brain.

Chances are good that these five pages I have assembled, written by top medical research people, can save a few lives… from a disease with affects too horrible for you to imagine.

But if you are going to believe in the testing of deer you kill, you have to believe it is 100 percent reliable.  I have to wonder about that.  We are being asked to believe that out of thousands of deer tested, only 75 have been found to be diseased.  In the four counties tested along Missouri’s southern border, biologists say there were no cases of CWD found.  But Arkansas biologists say more than a hundred diseased deer have been found in a four county area on their side of the line.   That seems strange to me. Diseases in wildlife or people do not stop at an invisible border.

Don’t stay uninformed about this… learn all you can from those who are not worried about losing money if the facts are known fully by all of us.

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