The Cedar County Commission met Monday, March 6, 2017. Present were – Marlon Collins, presiding commissioner; Don Boultinghouse, northern commissioner; Robert Foster, southern commissioner; Peggy Kenney, county clerk.

Minutes from Feb 27, 2017, Commission meeting were approved.

Reviewed Road and Bridge report.

Reviewed report submitted by James McCrary, sheriff.

Reviewed monthly report submitted by the following office holders: Melinda Gumm, circuit clerk; Peggy Kenney, county clerk; Carole Wilkerson, recorder of deeds; James McCrary, sheriff.

Reviewed report submitted by Patrick Davis, University Extension.

Discussed grant possibility with Marylin Ellis through USDA and Community Foundation of the Ozarks for collaboration between Barton, Dade and Cedar County through the STEP 5 program.

Opened Communication System bids:  RCS    $21,282.65Kenwood System Rayfield$27,347.13

Motorola System Radiophone $22,673.95Motorola System

Ronnie Miller, treasurer, reported he was creating a new fund “Alternative Drug Court Housing” to be added to the budget

Met with Mary Norell, Stockton City mayor.

Motion by Collins to award communication system bid to Radio Phone; Second by Boultinghouse.

Collins-yes; Boultinghouse-yes; Foster-yes

Decision to accept aforementioned bid was based on the lowest Motorola bid. It was determined this type of system would best communicate with the other emergency systems being used throughout the county.

Bills were approved to be paid.

Met with Chad Pyle, assessor, to process court 22065 through 22116 to add-on the assessed valuation of newly purchased personal property.

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