The Cedar County Commission met November 7, 2022. Present were: Marlon Collins, Presiding Commissioner; Don Boultinghouse, Northern Commissioner; Ted Anderson, Southern Commissioner; Kendra Householder, Deputy County Clerk.

Met with Assessor Staff

Requests to process court order #28019-28071 to add-on the assessed valuation of newly purchased personal

property.  A request for a court order to edit an assessed valuation was submitted.  The commission did not currently agree and feel it should be postponed to BOE.  Will discuss with Chad when he is back in the office.

Commissioners decided to wait to repair the Public Administrator car that was involved in a deer accident.  They are checking other avenues.

Met with Mikayla Neil, University of Missouri Extension

Presented monthly report of activities for October, and plans for November.  Submitted ARPA funding application.

Motion by Anderson to approve ARPA funding for University of Missouri Extension for $2,000.00, second Boultinghouse. Collins – Yes; Anderson – Yes; Boultinghouse – Yes

Received ARPA Funds reimbursement request from Family Restoration Center for $639.68.   

Spoke with Judy Nichols from the Cedar County Historical Society and Sheriff James McCrary concerning the request to donate guns involved in the death of Sheriff C.A. Larue back to the Cedar County Historical Society for care.  These guns belonged to the Debler brothers and are stored in a wooden display case with Plexiglas.  The County Commission approve the donation back to the Cedar County Historical Society.

Met with DJ Ford, Road & Bridge Supervisor

Discussed road maintenance.

Met with Sheriff James McCrary

Inmate housing is around 42 at the moment.  Staffing issues continue.

Viewed weekly report from Cedar County Health Department and COVID count.

Viewed monthly October reports from County Clerk, Recorder of Deeds, and Circuit Clerk’s Offices.

Presiding Commissioner signed Kaysinger Basin Hazard Mitigation Contract.

Presiding Commissioner signed Cedar County Health Department Policy Procedure.

Presiding Commissioner signed Child Care Sanitation Inspection Contract.

Approved accounts payable.

Approved Special Payroll.