Met with Leah Morton, County Assessor

Requests to process court order #29050-29071 to add-on the assessed valuation of newly purchased

personal property. Discussed the need for shirts, and signage on the Assessor truck for easier identification when assessing properties; safety has been a concern at a couple of residences. Signed quarterly assessor report.

Met with Treasure Kenney for weekly update.

Cedar County Resident stopped in to report to the commission that a gate has been reinstalled across a county road on a property that they had ordered removed several years ago. The commission will follow-up with Ty Gaither, Prosecuting Attorney.

Met with Sheriff McCrary

Weekly Inmate housing Cedar – 11, Dade – 9, Hickory – 1, Bates – 1 = 22

Tonya Niermann with MidContinent Equity Holdings, LLC stopped in to present a request for letter of support for a proposed housing development for Cedar Ridge Apartments, Phase II.  This will be a 32-unit facility. MCEH has partnered with On My Own, American Red Cross, Veterans advocacy, Missouri Job Centers, and local Nexus organizations for health and services. Niermann will email the information to York.

Prosecuting Attorney Ty Gaither stopped in concerning the gate issue; he will send a letter to the Property Owner to remove the gate.

Resident stopped in to visit with commission concerning a road in Dogwood Special.  A culvert needs to be replaced on CR2001, believes the pipe is at least 24”.  The pipe is a cross pipe near the mobile home park that is plugged.  The commission reached out to Commissioner Cummings to check on the pipe.

Conference call with Victoria Barker, CCHD

She is still working on bids for the concrete pad, and billing for the Workforce Grant. Nurse Austin will be off for maternity leave for the next 6-8 weeks then return part-time until 12 weeks. Barker would like to seek volunteers to paint a few murals in the halls of the CCHD.

Reviewed monthly reports from the Recorder of Deeds Office.

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