The following misdemeanors have been disposed in Cedar County.

Wyonda S. Gray, driving while revoked/suspended – 1st offense, 7/6/19. Fine: $250, 1/29/20.

Eban Roy Kempf, El Dorado Springs, exceeded posted speed limit, 1/1/20. Fine: $50.50, 1/28/20.

Anthony Newman, Aurora, take, attempt to take, and/or possess deer without deer permit-MO resident, 11/17/19. Fine: $149.50, 1/24/20.

Thomas Reiser, Stockton, operate vehicle on hwy without a valid license – 1st offense, 12/23/18. Fine: $400, 1/29/20.

Colton James Wheeler, Collins, exceeded posted spped limit, 11/14/19. Fine: $50, 1/29/20.

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