The following felonies have been disposed in Cedar County:

Darrell E Cooper, Stockton, possession of controlled substance except 35 grams of less of marijuana, five years supervised probation  12/12

Christina Nichole Essex-Kyger, Springfield, DWR/S 6/16/14. five years supervised probation  12/12

Chris Holdren, Springfield, theft/stealing  2/8/14, five years DOC  7/26

Kevin R Keith, El Dorado Springs, resisting/interfering w/arrest for a felony  11//5/15, 5 years supervised probation  9/12

Kyle Teffer, Wright City, unlawful possession of a firearm, misd-property damage 2nd  9/13/12, $100 fine, $46 CVC, five  years supervised probation  12/12

The following misdemeanors have been disposed in Cedar County:

Clifford W Short, Nevada, theft/stealing  11/21, two years probation  12/12

The following traffic violations have been disposed in Cedar County:

Berlryn Elmer Dowen, Stockton, ownr opr mv wtht maintng fncl rspnblty or oprtr who athrzed athr to opr mv wtht fncl rspnblty, no seat belt  10/19, $108.50  12/12

City of Stockton v Jami S Sanders, Stockton, expired plates  12/25, $13.50 fine  12/9

The following civil cases have been disposed in Cedar County:

DOR-CE v Albert D Boatright et al/Betty L, El Dorado Springs. Certificate of tax lien – individual income tax  $1,004.58

Allan Markley v Ciera of Mid-America Inc, Stockton,, Judgment entered  $1,689.25

Cedar County Memorial H v Lawrence E Cumpton et al/Ashley R Cumpton. Judgment entered  $3,110.58

Calvary SPV 1 LLC v Aaron L Haak II et al/Heather Dawn Haak, Stockton. Judgment entered  $4,007.18

Tower Loan of Missouri LLC DBA Tower v William Hunt, Fair Play. Judgment transcribed  $6,507.99

Onemain Financial Services Inc v William A Hunt, Stockton. Judgment entered  $5,271.41.

Tressa Wosoba v Brandon Cline. Judgment full order protection

Elizabeth Frank v Brian Shrout. Judgment full order protection.

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