The following felonies have been disposed in Cedar County:

Lucas Keller McGee, Springfield, property damage 1st deg  9/17, 5 years supervised probation  3/13

The following misdemeanors have been filed in Cedar County:

Jackson Seth La Don Jones, Stockton, exceeded posted speed limit by 20-25  mph  1/5

Tyler W Miller, El Dorado Springs, domestic assault 3rd  3/23

Alissa Meyer, El Dorado Springs, ownr opr ,v wtjt ,aomtmg fmc; rspnblty, no seat belt  3/14

The following misdemeanors have been disposed in Cedar County:

Ricky David Gayman, Lincoln, NB, passing bad check  7/13, 6 months probation  3/8

City of El Dorado Springs v Jonathan Lynn Houdeshell, El Dorado Springs, animal – health & Safety x 2 9/23,  animal license x 2.fine/costs  3/2

Benjamin Ray Johnson, Claremore, OK, passing bad check  12/15/15, one year probation  3/2

City of El Dorado Springs v James Austin Mansell, El Dorado Springs,  peace disturbance, Park violation   11/9,  $100 fines  3/1

Laurenda Ferguson, El Dorado Springs, passing bad check  6/16, waived fine/costs only  2/20

The following traffic violations have been disposed in Cedar County:

Deonna Jo Walker, El Dorado Springs, operated mtr veh w/brakes not in good working order  12/1, $100 fine  3/16

The following civil cases have been disposed in Cedar County:

CU Community Credit Union v Brenda S and Van Yarnell, Stockton, Judgment entered Judgment and order /s/David R Munton. Judgment in favor of plaintiff and against defendants: Count 1: $3,117.37; Count 2: $11,907.90; Count 3: $43,506.71; Count 4: $16,182.44; Count 5: Plaintiff has the immediate possession of its collateral Described A: 2008 Forest Camper; B: 2003 New Holland Tractor-TC35; C: 20113 Ford Lariat F250; D; 2014 Polaris Ranger RZR 900

DES-CONT vs Jacob C Mooney, Judgment entered  $200

World Acceptance Corp of Missouri v Kaleena Smith, El Dorado Springs. Judgment entered   $1,268.86

DOR-CE v Tyler S Alllen, El Dorado Springs et al/Brooklyn N McNeece. Certificate of tax lien – individual income tax  $1,312.71

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