Brandy D. Divine to Stephen L. and Kelly Driscoll, LT 2 ARROWHEAD ESTATES.

Mary Ellen and Alan Clark, Pamela S. Bateman and Patricia A. Steinmuller – trustees to Mary Ellen Clark Trust, STR 17-34-26 //NE; STR 13-34-26 /SE/NE; LT 2 STR 7-34-25 /N/NW; LT 2 STR 7-34-25 /S/NW; LT 2 STR 7-34-25 /N/SW; LT 2 STR 18-34-25 /S/NW; LT 2 STR 7-34-25 //W; STR 12-34-26 //NE.

James M Jr and Jennifer F. Spencer to Kyle and Amanda Collins, STR 6-35-28 /E/NE.

Jeffrey and Stacy Stewart and Robin Harrington to Dylan R. and Kaia Gallette, LT 7 BL 12 THOMPSON’S 3RD ADD TO ELDO; LT 8 BL 12 THOMPSON’S 3RD ADD TO ELDO FF S 37FT; LT 19 BL 4 JOHNSON’S ADD TO ELDO.

Leonard W. and Beth Detterman to Mark and Becky Keen, BL 4 RECK & HOUK’S ADD TO ELDO.

Mary Joanne Sloan Trust to H & R Foster Investments LLC, LT 92 BL 3 CRUCE’S 3RD SOUTH ADD TO ELDO.

George D. Methven to Chreston and Salena Moody, LT 110 BL 8 CRUCE’S 3RD SOUTH ADD TO ELDO FF E 5FT; LT 111 BL 8 CRUCE’S 3RD SOUTH ADD TO ELDO FF W 45FT.

Lake City Valley, LLC to Craig Stephen Borowski, LT 2 HAINES SUBDIVISION.

Robert L. Hicks Sr. to Tanner and Kaytlynn Collins, STR 14-34-27 W/SE/SW.

Lorin K. and Cleone C. Smith to Jeremiah and Malya Morris, STR 9-34-26 /NW/SE.

Judy and Wayne Sherrell to John Ryan and Rachel M. Pate, LT 17 SMITH & RILEYS 1ST ADD.

John Ryan and Rachel M. Pate to Clint and Leigh Mason, BL 10 CORBIN & HALL’S ADD TO STOCKTON //N.

Dixie E. Harmon to Dixie Elaine Marmon Trust, STR 20-34-25 /N/SE.

Charles E. and Judy A. Humberd to Judy A. Humberd, LT 3 OWL HAVEN ESTATES; LT 4 OWL HAVEN ESTATES; LT 5 OWL HAVEN ESTATES.

Joseph M. and Kathlynn M. Kaskie to Joseph M. Kaskie Trust, STR 32-34-25 /SW/SE; STR 32-34-25 E/SW/SE.

Lyndel and Rhonda Williams to Warren Williams, LT 3 STR 3-34-28 W/W/NW.

Lucas and Michelle Quamme to Cody L. Marshall, STR 9-35-28 S/SE/SE.

Steve and Rona Counts to Vanessa Resendez, STR 9-34-26 /NW/SW.

Judy Montgomery to Dennis Christopher Kull, STR 25-35-26 NW/SE/SE; STR 25-35-26 E/SE/SE.

Robert L. Lipham to Christopher W. Hamilton and Nicole L. Sharp, STR 14-34-27 E/SE/SW.