• Received call stating that a noise was heard in the house and cannot get in touch with daughter.  Caller later stated contact was made and cancelled call.

• Received a report that minors are possibly drinking at Sonic Stockton.  Sonic reported suspicious vehicle left and headed south on Hwy 39.  Officer attempted to locate but no contact.

• Dogs entered neighbor’s yard and attacked daughter on 800 Rd Humansville.  Caller advised he could legally protect his property and family.  HBD

• Suspicious male reported walking around and taking pictures of juveniles below the east side of dam Stockton.  HBO

• Traffic stop by Hot Spot Stockton.  Warning given.

• Traffic stop Blake St Stockton.  Warning given.

• Traffic stop on Lee Hopkins and North St Stockton.  No action, investigative stop.

• Abandoned vehicle behind old nursing home Stockton.  HBO

• Received call of cattle out 1550 and 425 Rd Jerico.  HBO

• Received a 9-1-1 hangup.  Pinged the phone, in the Cedar Ridge area.  Owner trying to fix phone.  Accidentally hit wrong numbers.

• Abandoned vehicle on gravel road by golf course.  Unoccupied.  HBO.

• Officer out doing building check at Elks Lodge Stockton.  All’s well.

• Traffic stop on North and Craig Stockton.  Warning.

• Hickory County requested agency assists on E 752 Rd Humansville.  Make contact with subject and have them contact Hickory County.  HBO

• MSHP requested agency assist with traffic stop on Hwy 39 and Rb Stockton.  Subject transported to the jail.  HBO

• Abandoned vehicle at Lakeside Carpet on Hwy 39 Stockton.  Vehicle appeared to be broken down and not in roadway.  HBO.

• Suspicious vehicle near Independence Church in Jerico.  Caller tried to make contact but vehicle left.   Clear, no report taken.

Ambulance calls:

5 Stockton

6 Eldo

Fire calls:



• MVA on South St Eldo.  Officer requested MSHP.  Trooper made arrest and transported to CCSO.

• Cow out on road on Hwy 32 east of RA Stockton.  Unable to locate owner.  Cow locked up in local yard for now.  HBD

• Assault reported on S Chestnut Stockton.  Subject came into CCSO to file complaint.  HBO

• Welfare check requested on E Hwy H Stockton.  Caller stated he’d been told the subject had been bitten by something and has not been able to make contact since.  Caller later called back stating he had made contact.

• Fraud reported on E Hwy EE Eldo.  Claim made that credit cards were stolen.  Subject advised to come in and file report and subject agreed to do so.

• Received report of horse in neighbor’s yard again on 1500 Rd Jerico.  Officer contacted owner and he will go get horse.

• Theft reported at Mike’s Garage W Hwy 32 Stockton.  Extra patrol requested.  Subject found evidence on scene and gave it to officer.  Clear, report taken.

• Officer reported information from below the dam to the right.

Ambulance calls:

2 Stockton

3 Eldo

Fire calls:



• Welfare check requested on E Hwy EE Eldo.  Received a strange call and alcohol possibly involved.  HBO

• Vernon County requested welfare check on S Hwy 32 Eldo.  Possible child abuse.  Officer unable to make any contact at residence.  Clear, no report.

• Suspicious vehicle on E Hwy 32 Stockton.  Occupants just need better reception for lap top.  Clear, no report.

• Suspicious vehicle in Woods parking lot.  Caller stated vehicle had been following her and has been circling in front of house.  Officer stopped vehicle at Woods.  Extra patrol requested by caller.  HBO

• Caller stated male tried to put a barrel over a stop sign and it wouldn’t fit so it was left there on Spring Stockton.  HBO

• Mother reported children were taken out of state without permission.  Officer advised this is a civil matter and would need a family lawyer.  HBO

• Caller reported a vehicle with stickers from a car lot had been left sitting at Hazel Dell Church Eldo.  Vehicle towed.  HBO

• Received call that a dog was missing west of Stockton.  Received information that the dog had been shot because it was attacking livestock.  Owner notified.  HBO

• Theft reported at AA Storage Units on Hwy 39 Stockton.  Three units were broken into.  HBO.

• Officer out to get estimate for body work on vehicle.

• Received call wanting gun law information.  Officer advised and contacted subject.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 54 and HH Eldo.  Warning given.

• Welfare check requested on E 524 Rd Stockton.  Caller stated minor child living in poor conditions.  Advised to call DFS.  Transferred to other agency.

• Childrens’ Division requested officer to assist on an investigation.  HBO

• Auto theft on Hwy 32 Eldo.  Two trucks stolen.  Officers located both vehicles.  Clear, report taken.

Ambulance calls:

2 Stockton

4 Eldo

Fire calls:

grass fire on Blake Stockton

Lawn mower in shed on fire on Flint Stockton


• Abandoned vehicle on S 325 and Hwy 97 Jerico.  HBO

• Barton County requested assistance looking for vehicle involved in a domestic. Subject in vehicle has firearm.  Suspect pistol-whipped female in Barton County.  Believed to be heading to Jerico.  Barton County does not want suspect arrested.  Dispatch advised ESPD.

• Alarm Company reported alarm going off West St Ed’s Repair Shop Stockton.  HBO

• Received several calls stating an explosion was heard and it rocked the houses.  HBO

• 9-1-1 transfer from Vernon County.  Assault reported on Terrace Ln Stockton.  Caller stated someone was hitting his grandchild.  Medic dispatched and cleared.  Jackson Lamar arrested.

• Alarm Company reported alarm going off at Stockton High.  HBO

• Officer out on investigation at parking lot at east dam entrance.  Matthew Barcomb arrested.  Mike’s Towing towed vehicle.

• Received several calls for cattle in road on Hwy Z by Kiddie Cove Stockton.  HBO

• Woody’s Stockton reported a drive off.  Vehicle identified with white male.  Report taken.

• Officer transporting prisoner from ESPD to CCSO.

• Suspicious vehicle on 125 Rd St Clair and Cedar Line.  Unoccupied.  HBO

Ambulance calls:

1 Stockton

3 Eldo

Fire calls:



• Received call of female walking Hwy 32 by west dam entrance possibly intoxicated.  Citation issued to Katherine Applebee for active warrant out of ESPD.  ESPD OR’d her with court date of 6/16/20.

• Resident reporting missing dogs; a great pyrenees and a red heeler, both male. Hwy C Jerico.  If found please contact.

• Received call stating a dog had been given to a friend to watch as the caller has a broken leg.  N Grand Eldo.  Now the friend refuses to return dog.   Officer retrieved dog and returned to owner.

• C&I driver reported on College Stockton.  Vehicle driving at high rates of speed and caller worried about children in area.    Gone when officer arrived.

• Property damage reported on E Hwy Z Stockton.  Caller reported a bullet hole in garage door and wants a call back.   Officer attempted to call, negative contact.

• Officer out assisting motorist on Hwy M and 32.  Motorist stalled.

• Suspicious person on High St Stockton near dental clinic.  Male laying under tree.  After investigating, male had just been released from jail and waiting for ride.  HBO

• Subject came to CCSO to report her vehicle had been vandalized in Stockton.  Purse, wallet and medications taken from vehicle.  HBD

• Received call that a certain individual has an order of protection against subject and the subject is on the property.  Apparently the PO had not been delivered yet.  Trying to make connections now.  Unable to get the PO delivered to subject.  HBD

Ambulance calls:

1 Stockton

3 Eldo

Fire calls:



• Abandoned vehicle on Hwy 32 and 97.  Driver asleep in truck.  HBO

• Trespasser reported on W Martin Jerico.  Suspect has an ex-parte against him and should be removed from property.  Clear, no report.

• Disorderly conduct reported on E Broadway Jerico.  Suspect attempting to force way into residence and may be intoxicated.  Clear, report taken.

• Dade County reported a C&I boat driver near Hawker Point Stockton.  Female may have fallen from boat and been struck.  State Water Patrol contacted.  Officer unable to locate any incident.

• Received a 9-1-1 hangup in Stockton.  Dispatch made contact and everything is all right.

• MSHP reported a road hazard on Hwy 54 west of Lowes Cemetery.  Need deer removed from road.  HBO

• Received a 9-1-1 hangup from Jerico.  Received ping on phone and Dade County will make contact with caller.

• C&I driver reported on Hwy 32 by Amvets.  Driver failing to maintain lanes.  Warning given.

• Springfield Police reported recovering property on S Farm Rd 115 Springfield.  Vehicle stolen from Althoff Auto Sales Eldo.  Dispatch tried to contact owner or vehicle would be impounded in Springfield.  Unable to make contact but left message to contact CCSO.

Ambulance calls:

2 Stockton

5 Eldo

Fire calls:


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