• Received call that a male might be having a heart attach near Mutton Creek.   Transferred information to Dade County.

• Subject came into CCSO stating they might be having suicidal thoughts.  Officer transported subject to CCMH Eldo.

• Trespassers reported on S College Stockton.  Officer spoke with owner who declined pressing charges.  Subject to leave property.

• Disorderly conduct reported at laundromat on RB Rd Stockton.  Unable to locate subject.

• CCSO received call requesting to talk to an officer.  Officer returned call.

• Officer out on follow up on North St Stockton.  Negative contact.

• Received report of male subjects drinking whiskey and coke while driving.  GOA

• Disturbance reported on Spring St Stockton.  People were shooting off fireworks.  Clear, no report.

• Property damage on S Hwy 39.  Mail box was hit again and missing.  HBO

• Fraud reported on S High St Stockton.  RP stated she sold a phone and was given a fake cashier’s check.  Veronica Roberts arrested.

• Officer out doing building check at AA Storage on Hwy 215 Stockton.  All’s well.

• Officer out doing building check at AA Storage on 1658 Rd Stockton.  All’s well.

• Officer out doing building check at Elks Lodge Stockton.  All’s well.

• Received a call of a C&I driver on Hwy 32 east dam entrance.  Failure to maintain lane.  Clear, no report.

• Traffic stop on Stockton Dam.  Warning given.

• Officer out at rock quarry north of Eldo.  Noticed gate was open when it’s normally closed and locked.  Officer searched and all’s well.

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton, 5 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Traffic stop at Crabtree Cove and Hwy 32.  Warning given.

• Atlas Security reported alarm at Hot Spot Stockton.  ATM alarm going off.  Officer secured building.

• Received call of family dispute on E 752 Rd Stockton.  HBO

• RP reported trespasser on Hwy 54 Eldo.  Neighbor moved hay without asking and did property damage.  HBO

• Disturbance reported on Hwy 39 Airport Village Stockton.  RP stated he went to collect rent and he stated the tenant pulled a gun on him and threatened to kill him.  Robin Thurlow arrested.

• RP stated husband is drinking and threatening her.  He locked her out and won’t let her leave with the children on S Hwy 39 Eldo.  RP cancelled call.

• RP stated female got a knife and is acting crazy on S 101 Rd Eldo.  Subject did calm down and was gone when the officer arrived.

• Received call male had an altercation with wife on Hwy 39 Stockon.  RP wants paperwork and title to Jeep.  Property has been returned and subject left the property.

• Received a welfare check request on Owens Mill Rd Stockton.  Advised to notify coroner.

• Welfare check requested on E Hwy U Eldo.  Subject to notify family that he is all right.  HBO

• Theft reported on S Hwy 39 Stockton.  Honda motorcycle taken.  Later called back stating the bike has been located and will hold off on filing a statement at this time.  Report taken.

• St Clair County reported female had called stating a male on a motorcycle was trying to take her.  MSHP advise.  St Clair called back stating the female is fine.  It was her neighbor and he was just checking on her as she was walking down the road.

• Traffic stop at Phillips 66 Stockton.  Warning given.

Ambulance calls: none

Fire calls: none


• Traffic stop by Casey’s Stockton. Citation issued for failure to register and to maintain financial responsibility to Jessica Haslock.  Consent to search denied.

• Alarm Central reported alarm at Hammons Plant Stockton.  HBO

• RP requested follow up on S Hwy 39 Stockton with officer.  HBO

• Officer out on civil process on E Hwy B Jerico.   Negative contact, door hanger placed.

• Officer out on civil process on E AA Stockton.  Negative contact, door hanger placed.

• Officer out on follow up on Brown St Stockton.

• Suicidal subject reported on E 1000 Rd Eldo.  Subject went to hospital to be evaluated.  HBO

• Theft reported on E Hwy U Eldo. Suspects in Red Camaro, phone was taken.  Suspect tried giving a laptop to hold until phone returned.  Just information at this time.  Clear, report taken.

• Officer reported a C&I driver on Hwy B and 975 Rd Stockton.  Lloyd Hagan arrested.

• Theft reported on S Hwy 39 Stockton.  Medication and money taken.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton, 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Suspicious person at Car Wash in Stockton.  Possibly passing drugs.  Consent to search given and nothing found.

• Officer reported possible drunk person laying in middle of street on Crestview Stockton.

• Report of a suspicious person on RB Rd Stockton.  Male walking in middle of road and yelling at passing vehicles.  GOA

• Traffic stop on S High and Lafayette Eldo.  Clear, no report.

• Officer out on civil process on Kirkpatrick Eldo.  Officer on Forrest and Marshall with subject for 96 hour detention.  Officer en route to CCSO for paperwork.

• Simpli Safe reported alarm on S Hwy 32 Eldo.  It was an accidental alarm.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 54 and 1st Eldo.  Consent to search refused.  Warning given.

• Officer reported trespasser on E Hwy 32 Stockton.  Officer advised neighbors if any trespassing occurs, it will be dealt with accordingly.

• Suspicious vehicle on 1425 Rd between Hwy 39 and 1674 Rd Stockton.  Vehicle on side of road with hazards on.  RP stopped to see if help needed.  Thought vehicle and occupants smelled like alcohol.   Clear, no report.

• Traffic stop on Hwy B west of 975 Rd Stockton.  Agreed to search, nothing found.  Citation given to Roy Gladden for failure to register trailer.

• C&I driver on Hwy 39 at Gum Springs, Stockton.  Unfounded.

• Theft reported on Skyline Stockton.  Wallet and title taken from truck.  HBO

• RP reported pit bulls chased him and he jumped on water house and burned his hands.  Owner of dogs has been warned and will keep dogs up.  HBO

• Traffic stop on Worley and Locust Stockton.  Subject has a positive warrant but will not extradite.  No action taken.

• MVA reported on Hwy 32 at east dam entrance Stockton.  Motorist hit a deer.  HBO

• RP stated as they were getting their mail on S Hwy U Eldo, a black car pulled up, hit them and left.  Officer trying to locate black car.  Report taken.

• MVA reported on Hwy J and 1000 Rd Stockton.  Advised MSHP.  HBO

• Welfare check requested on E Hwy 54 Eldo.  Subject located by officer and is fine.

• Disturbance reported on E 166th St Eldo.  Prowler tried getting into the house through the window and the door.  Officer to put on extra patrol.

Ambulance calls: 5 Stockton, 5 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Fireworks being shot off at Woods parking lot Stockton.  GOA

• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 and Maplewood Estates Stockton.  Warning given.

• MVA reported at Dollar General parking lot Stockton.  Rear end collision.  No report.

• Welfare check requested on S Hwy M Stockton.  Officer unable to contact subject.  Family member did go to home and spoke to subject.

• Traffic stop on Worley and Locust Stockton.  Citation issued.

• Suspicious vehicle on Hey 32 and A Stockton.  Vehicle half in ditch and half in road.  Matthew Davis arrested.  Vehicle towed.

• Received request for motorist assist. On Sac and Oak Stockton.  Driver was lost.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton, 4 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Disturbance on Carmen Rd Eldo.  Suspect driving by residence and cursing out the window.  Officer located suspect at Woods Eldo.  Suspect still causing nuisance on Carmen.  Officer to keep searching area and will set up extra patrol.  No report.

• Officer out on warrant service on S Church Stockton.  Michael Masters arrested.

• Auto theft by the cliffs at Crab Tree Stockton.  Owner had left keys in the vehicle for a short time and when they returned vehicle was gone.  Debit card was taken as well and used at Sam’s in Springfield totaling about $1500.  SPD advise and vehicle was located and owner advised of the location.  Report taken.

• CCMH reported a patient had been bitten on buttocks and leg by a big black dog on Hwy EE between 155 and 145 Eldo.  Officer unable to locate dog.

• Welfare check request on S College Stockton.  All is fine.  HBO

• Traffic stop on S Hays St Stockton.  Danielle Webb arrested with several active warrants.

• Theft reported on South St Stockton.  RP stated he lost wallet at Casey’s in Higginsville.  When he went back to retrieve it, it was gone.  It had debit cards and $250 cash.  HBD

• SPFD animal control requested agency assist on E 752 Rd Stockton.  Requested CCSO contact resident in Stockton.  Officer unable to locate resident.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 8 Stockton, 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Received call that a cow is on the side of the road by MODOT barn.  HBO

• Traffic stop by Smoker’s Outlet ELdo.  Warning given.

• CPS requested assistance in Humansville.  HBO

• Traffic stop east entrance to dam Stockton.  Warning given.

• Theft reported on E 676 Rd Stockton.  Someone broke in and took fireworks but left the vehicle and it’s been there for a few days.  Vehicle has been towed.  Report taken.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 and H Stockton.  Warning given.

• MVA reported at Crab Tree Boat Dock Stockton.  No injuries.  HBO

• Suspicious male going through all mail boxes on a bicycle on Oak and Chestnut Stockton.  GOA

• Fireworks being set off on Hwy 32 by the Post Office Stockton.  GOA

• Ranger reported fighting between 3-4 people that appear to be intoxicated at Cedar Ridge Loop.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton, 6 Eldo

Fire calls: none

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