• Suspicious vehicle on Hwy AA Humansville. No one around, vehicle towed.

• RP reported wife bought and delivered drugs in Jerico with granddaughter in vehicle and wanted to know what he could do about it.

• RP stated his storage unit had been broken into at 39 Storage Stockton.  Report taken.

• Officer out on warrant service on Sac and Locust Stockton.  Multiple warrants.

• RP stated his son is destroying his house and threatening to kill the animals and to hurt his parents on 1547 Rd Stockton.  Report taken

• Noise reported on S 1801.  Dog is growling and noises heard around and under trailer.  Unfounded.

• Traffic stops:

• On Hwy 32 and 800 Rd Eldo.  Warning

• On Sac and Oak Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy J and 1120 Rd Stockton.  Warning

• On Galyan and Hwy 32 Stockton.  Driver arrested.  Car towed.

• On Ward and Walnut Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy 32 between Crabtree and dam entrance.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton

Fire calls: none


• Received  call kids playing basketball and lights still on at Stockton City Park and its after hours.  HBO

• A Repo agent requested assistance on Hwy RA and 2200 Rd Stockton.  Civil matter they must resolve at the DMV.

• Assault reported on Terrace Ln Stockton.  Clear, no report.

• RP stated his car was loaned out and it hasn’t been returned and suspect avoids all contact.  Civil matter

• RP claims to have seen suspicious people in his camper and that he was drugged on S 1801 Rd Stockton.  Unfounded.

• Disturbance on South St Jerico.  HBO

• Traffic Stops:

• Hwy 32 and 1325 Stockton.  Warning

• Traffic stop at Catholic Church Stockton.  Warning

• On West St across from Dollar General.  Warning

• By Casey’s Stockton.  Warning

• By farmer’s market Hwy 39 Stockton.  Warning.

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton

Fire calls: none


• RP stated someone took his vehicle on Hwy 39.  Officer advised this is a civil matter.

• Abandoned vehicle reported at Jerico Fire Dept.  HBO

• Female on E 1656 Rd thinks she may be suicidal.  Medics dispatched and female transported to CMH.

• Dispute between husband and wife on E 1250 Rd Eldo.  Unable to reach by phone, officer en route.

• RP stated vehicle speeding and making donuts in driveways.  HBO

• C&I driver by Dollar General Stockton.  Unfounded.

• Officer out on an investigation,

• Officer out assisting motorist on Hwy 32 and 800 Rd.

• Suspicious person reported 2-3 miles west of CC Hwy Jerico.  GOA

• Suspicious person at Johnson’s Auto Stockton.  HBO Traffic Stops:

• At Dollar General Stockton.. warning

• At Galyan and Locust Stockton. Derrick Beeks arrested

• At Hwy 32 and Church Stockton.  Warning

• At Hwy 39 and 1425 Rd Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy 32 east side of Cedar Creek bridge.  Warning

• On Park and Joe Davis Eldo.  Warning

• On Hwy 39 and B.  warning

• On Terrace Ln and Craig.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 5 Eldo

Fire calls: smoke in basement on Hwy 39


• Officer out on motorist assistance at Mound Cemetery Stockton.  Citation issued.

• Received call from a male stating he wanted to commit suicide on Hwy M Stockton.  Officer and medic dispatched.  Subject taken to CMH.

• Received a call stating they believe a fraud is about to take place on 1325 Rd Stockton.  Officer advised the RP what to do and this will probably be a civil issue.

• CCMH advised that a child was bitten by dog and has lacerations on 145 Rd Eldo.  Dog has had all shots.  Dog was put down.  HBO

• RP stated a vehicle in ditch on Hwy M Stockton.  No injuries.   No need of a tow. Traffic Stops:

• On Hwy 32 and High Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy 39 and 950 Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy 39 and B Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy 32 and 1791 Rd Stockton.  Citation issued to Cindy Bruce

Ambulance calls: 6 Stockton 6 Eldo

Fire calls: grain bin fire


• RP stated his girlfriend was being chased on Hwy N Caplinger.  Later cancelled call.

• RP stated neighbor’s hogs are getting out and damaging his property on Hwy O Jerico.  HBD

• Harassment reported on Magdaleena Stockton.  HBO

• Officer out on follow up at Walnut Festival.  Sertoma is banning certain individuals from the park.  An officer will deliver the document.

• Officer out on welfare check by Pearl Automotive Stockton.  Traffic Stops:

• On Hwy 32 and 680 Eldo.  Warning.

• At Car wash in Eldo.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Vernon County reported a possible intoxicated driver on Hwy HH north bound to Hwy 54 Eldo.  GOA

• Suspicious person on 1539 Rd Stockton.  GOA

• C&I drivers on Hwy AA.  Speeders throwing rocks at garage and vehicles causing damage.  This is an ongoing problem.  HBD

• Evans Pharmacy reported a young girl being thrown into a KIA and speeding off.  Officer stopped driver at Sundaes.  The girl was a boy and just brothers horsing around.  HBO

• Received call of a semi blocking the road on Hwy 97 at one lane bridge Jerico.  Unfounded,

• Property found in shed on Church Stockton.  Brought into CCSO.  HBO

• Suspicious vehicle in driveway on 101 Rd Eldo.  Cancelled call. Traffic stops:

• On Hwy 54 just east of Eldo.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton 3 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire east of the dam


• Possible intoxicated driver on Hwy 32 past Amvets Stockton.  Transferred to MSHP.

• Trespassers reported on 1547 Stockton.  GOA

• Vernon County requested assistance with an abandoned vehicle at 724 Eldo.  Owner is hunting.  No report

• RP reported trespassers on property at Sac River Bridge Stockton.  Report taken.

• Suspicious person on property on 1547 Rd Stockton.  HBO

• RP stated a bus was hit on Hwy J Stockton and wanted to make a report.  Parked at Hammons parking lot.  Accident happened in St Clair County.  Transferred.

• RP stated suspicious person on property.  There is an ex parte on this person.  Subject was escorted off the property.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 5 Stockton 4 Eldo

Fire calls: none