• Theft reported on Hwy 32 Stockton.  No report

• Alarm reported on Hwy N Stockton.  Garage door open, house secured.  HBO

• Officer out on extra patrol in Jerico.

• Accidental alarm on 1801 Rd Stockton.  Owner mis keyed.

Traffic stops:

• On Hwy 32 & 800 Rd Stockton.   Warning

• On Hwy 32 and 1425 Rd Stockton.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Officer out on College Stockton.  Noticed car that shouldn’t be there and stopped to investigate.  Contacted owner and owner said he didn’t want that person on his property.  Officer advised him to leave.

Traffic stops:

• On Hwy 32 just west of Sac River Stockton.  Car searched.Warning

• On Hwy 82 and 275 Eldo.  Warning

• On Vine and East Eldo.  Warning

• On Hwy DD Cedar Springs.  Citation issued to Jonathan Talbert.

• On Oak and South Stockton for no front plate.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton; 4 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Parent requested welfare check on daughter on 525 Rd Jerico.  No one home and no cars in the driveway.

• Suspicious vehicles reported on 1151 Rd off of Hwy K Stockton.  No one is supposed to be down there.  GOA

• Customers complained suspicious male rolled a joint in front of them at Subway Stockton.   Officer searched vehicle, nothing found.

• Property damage on 125 Rd Eldo.  Travis Matzke arrested.

• Two people fighting reported on Hwy B and 39 Stockton.  Neither occupant had a current license.  Vehicle to be towed.  HBO

• Verbal domestic on 1425 Rd Stockton.  Seems they ran out of gas.  HBO

• RP came into CCSO to report on a possible subject in Stockton.  HBO

Traffic stops:

• At the Boat House Stockton.  Warning

• On top of the Stockton dam.  Warning

• By Farm Bureau Ins Eldo.  Warning

• By Verizon Store Stockton.  Warning

• On Airport Rd and 331 Eldo.  Vehicle to be towed.

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton; 4 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire –Jerico


• RP stated someone stole money from his apartment on Owen Mill Rd Stockton.  Clear, report taken,

• Received a report of a female not having any place to stay.  Obtained a room for her at Orleans Trail.  Sister on way to pick her up.  HBO

• Bull out on road on Hwy K and 725.  HBO

• MVA reported om Hwy 32 Stockton. Vehicle to be towed.  Medic dispatched and cancelled.  HBO

• Officer transporting inmate to Cox North for 96 hour hold.

• Officers out on search warrant in Jerico.  Subjects arrested and taken to Vernon County.

• Officer out on prisoner transport from Pete’s Gas Station.

Traffic stops:

• At Stockton Post Office.  Warning

• On Hwy B and 425 Stockton.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• ESPD reported finding a backpack and a cell phone and needles on S 1st Rd Eldo.

• Children’s Division Worker from Jackson County called to request information on a chase from 10 years ago.  Report taken.

• Employee at Woods reported people hollering at each other in parking lot, Stockton. HBO

• RP states several people fighting and throwing things on Locust and Vine, Stockton.  Officer trying to locate suspect who walked away.

• RP came into CCSO to file a statement about fraud.  Report taken.

• Officer out on follow up on Fresno Cir Stockton.

• Officer out on follow up on E 1656 Stockton.

• Rp reported his jeep was vandalized by taking lug nuts out of front tire at Woods Stockton.  Report taken.

• Received call that a vehicle was disable on 1025 Rd and Hwy 32 bridge.  GOA

Traffic stops:

• On Hwy 32 and 2325 Rd Stockton.  Warning for speeding.

• On S 1501 Stockton.  Shane Swearengen arrested for active warrant.

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• RP stated he could hear a female yelling for help on Hwy 32.  Turned out she was yelling at dogs.

• Vehicle reported for shining laser beams on oncoming traffic on Hwy 32 by Calypso Cove Stockton.  GOA

• Suspicious vehicle on Hwy B between 525 and 425 Rd Jerico.  GOA

• RP claims she need an officer on Harwood Jerico.  HBO

• RP reported a U Haul in the ditch and is blocking the road on Worley and Hwy 32 Stockton.  HBO

• RP stated windows to his camper were smashed and some items stolen on Hwy J and 1000 Rd. Report taken.

• MVA reported on Hwy 54 and 701 Eldo.  One complained of chest pains and transported to CCMH.  2nd ambulance requested and later cancelled.  Transferred to other agency.

• Alarm reported on E 1050 Rd Stockton.  HBO

• Trespassers reported on 825 Rd and 1400 Rd.  HBO

• RP stated he can hear people in the trees by the bandstand at the park Stockton.  GOA

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire on 2581 Rd and Hwy E


• RP stated there are people in her shed on High St Stockton.  Officer located subjects and advised them to leave.

• RP stated child dropped off from visiting father and there are drugs and paraphernalia in diaper bag.  Report taken

• Suspicious person on Sac St Stockton.  GOA

• Received a transfer call from ESPD stating a male was being abused on S775 Rd Stockton.  Unfounded.

• C&I drive on Hwy 32 Stockton.  Driver claims the truck was malfunctioning.  No report.

• Officer out on follow up on Ohio Eldo.

Traffic stops:

• On Hwy 215 and 1425 Rd Stockton.  Citation issued from earlier call .

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 1 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire on Stone Rd Olympia.

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