• Welfare check requested on 1656 Rd Stockton.  Spoke to subject and she is Code 4.  HBO

• Assault reported on Hwy 97.  Statement taken by alleged victim.

• RP complained about Halloween object hanging in tree on 11515 Rd and Hwy 32 Stockton.  Officer spoke to home owner and they will take it down.

• Welfare check requested on 175th Rd Eldo.  HBO

• Officer out assisting motorist on Hwy 32 and 1301 Stockton.

Traffic stops:

• At ELM.  Warning

• On Hwy 32 south of Eldo.  Warning

• At Pete’s station Eldo.  Joshua Hallam arrested

• On Hwy 39 and 1560.  Warning

• By the SAMA store Stockton.  Citation given to Lucas Lynch

• By Simmons Bank Stockton.  Warning

• By Casey’s Stockton.  Warning

Ambulance calls:,3 Stockton;,1 Eldo

Fire calls:,none


• Officer out with injured deer at City Hall Stockton.  Deer put down.  HBO

• RP stated ex husband broke into her room at Orleans Trail and stole several items and did damage to room.  Civil issue.

• Officer out on follow up on Oak Stockton.

• Received report of a female walking in the road on Lake Hill Rd Eldo.  She advised she was ok and just walking home.

• RP reported mail being strung out all over the north side of Stockton.  HBO

• Alarm reported going off on Hwy 215.   Cancelled

• Received call that the smell of propane was strong around Affordable Propane.  Contacted owner.

• Officer reported subject approached him stating their vehicle had been broken into on Hwy M. Report taken.

Traffic stops:

• On Hwy B and 525 Jerico.  Warning

• On Hwy 32 and 1450 Stockton.  Warning

• On Fields and Main Eldo.  Warning

Ambulance calls:,2 Stockton;,2 Eldo

Fire calls:,grass fire in Caplinger


• Burglary reported S 1001 Rd Eldo. Screen broken and door open.  He believes it was his ex girlfriend that did it.  HBO

• Corrections officer reported that a prisoner had escaped that he had taken to the CCMH hospital Eldo.  Prisoner complained of abdominal pains so took him for testing.  After the testing officer went to restroom and prisoner took off running.  Nurse notified officer and officer was in pursuit but prisoner got out of vision.   Several counties, MSHP  and local residents were on the lookout for this prisoner.   A K9 dog was brought in to search.  Approximately 8:30 we were advised a subject believed to be him was sighted at Casey’s Lamar.  Our Jail Administrator and an officer were en route to pick him up.  Christian Myers was arrested and transported back to Cedar County.  Job well donel

• ESPD requested CCSO to house violent prisoner.  ESPD transported.

• Welfare check requested on 851 Rd Stockton.  HBO.  No report

• CCSO advised male and female fighting in middle of road by Bock’s Automotive Stockton.  Male detained.  Report taken.

• MVA reported 2 vehicles on Hwy 39 and 1001 Rd Cedar Springs.  No injuries.  Information exchanged.  HBO

• Received information that subject is driving without a driver’s license on South St Stockton.  HBD

• Suspicious vehicle parked in driveway on South St Stockton for a couple of days. HBO

Traffic stops:

• Driver of vehicle kicked female out of vehicle on Hwy 82 at Thompson Eldo.  Officers in pursuit but unable to locate vehicle.  Spikes were put out.

• On Stockton square.  Warning

Ambulance calls:,3 Stockton

Fire calls:,none


• Death reported on 1485 Rd Stockton.  Female.  Brumback contacted.  Transferred to other agency.

• Deer injured in road on Hwy 54 Eldo.  Deer dispatched.

• Alarm going off on 274 Rd Eldo.  Transferred to ESPD

• Suspicious person knocking on doors on S Hwy 32 Eldo.  Unfounded

• Property found at Allisons Eldo.  Wanted CCSO to check it.  HBO

• Suspicious person walking south on Hwy 39.  Officer did not locate.

• Suspicious person on 325 Rd Eldo.  This happens a lot.  HBD

• Cow out on roadway on Hwy 32 Stockton.  Animal appears to be starving.

• Two kids reported like they’re jumping in front of cars on Hwy J and 800.

Traffic stops:

• On roads below dam.  Warning

• On Jackson St Stockton.  Warning

• By Emporium Stockton.  Derrick Beeks detained, searched and given a citation.  Plates were seized.

• On Hwy 32 and 630 Stockton.  Warning

Ambulance calls:,3 Stockton;,3 Eldo

Fire calls:,grass fire across from Calypson Cove Stockton.


• Suspicious person on Hwy 54 and 39 Eldo.  No report.  HBO

• Cow out on road near Amvets Stockton.  Animal put up.  HBO

• MVA single vehicle, no injuries on Hwy J near Black Jack Lumber Co.  transferred to St Clair County.

• Couple divorcing and husband is not allowing wife to get her things or to leave on 25 Rd Jerico.  HBO

• Received call of a possible death by Crabtree Cove Stockton.  Ambulance responded, Air Care transported patient to Cox South.  Mike’s Towing has the vehicle.  Transferred to other agency.

• Theft reported on 651 Rd Eldo.  Car plates stolen and when CCSO ran them, they had a hit and run in Springfield.  SPD will try to get plates released to return to owner.  Report taken.

• Received call that a person was slumped over in the ditch between Hwy Z and the Boat House.  Officers searched, even down Hwy 215 and could not locate subject.

• Suspicious vehicle reported on Hwy A half mile north of Hwy 32 Stockton.  Officers contacted and they are hunters.

• Raccoon reported sitting on RP’s porch on Davis Stockton.  HBO

Ambulance calls:,1 Stockton;,2 Eldo

Fire calls:,none


• Vernon County reported MVA on 1371 Rd south of bridge in St Clair County.  Transferred to St Clair.

• Suspicious person on S 101 Rd Eldo.  HBO

• RP stated that a couple of males are spying on him with drones on 1001 Rd Cedar Springs.  HBO

• Female family member called from Florida to alert CCSO to a possible theory to her uncle’s death at Crab Tree.

• RP stated they purchased coins and upon taking them to be appraised was told that they look like some that had been stolen from there, Fiddler’s Green Stockton.  HBO

• RP reported to CCSO that the plates had been stolen off his trailer in October in Stockton.  HBO

• Officer reported MVA on Hwy 32 and CC Stockton.  RP refused medical care.  Transferred to other agency.

• Received call of a dropped 911 call.  There might be a possible overdose on walking trail.

• RP stated his vehicle was stolen at Friendship Hills Stockton.  Possible thief at Airport Village Stockton.  Doesn’t want to press charges, just wants car back.  HBO

• RP stated the two kids are in the road trying to stop cars at Friendship Hills Stockton.  GOA

Traffic stops:

• near AA Storage Stockton.  Subject is moving out of unit.

Ambulance Calls;,1 Stockton;,4 Eldo

Fire calls:,none


• Skate Town reported cell phone stolen.  Tracker on phone and it showed it was on Cedar.  Phone recovered and returned.  No Report

• C&I driver on Hwy 54 east of Eldo.  GOA

• MVA on Hwy J and 900 Stockton.  Car rolled over and in ditch.  No injuries.  No report.

• RP stated vehicle passed him by Woods Stockton at a high rate of speed.  GOA

• Ex husband came to pick up kids and got physical with the RP on S 75RD.  Ex husband then called CCSO to say ex’s boyfriend attacked him at his home in Shell City.  He was told to contact Vernon County,  Report taken

• Theft reported by N&K Tire on Hwy 32.  Trailer loaded with supplies.  Owner believes he knows who took it.  Report taken,

• MVA on Hwy J and 32 Stockton.  Transferred to other agency.

• RP requested officer go check subject at Orleans Trail Motel.  He believes this subject has caused damage in the past.  HBO

• Welfare Check requested on 2225 Rd Stockton.  Subject is Code 4 and will contact RP.

Ambulance calls:,4 Stockton;,3 Eldo

Fire calls:,none

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