• ESPD reported a semi-truck lost its trailer at Hwy 54 and 101 Eldo.  MSHP contacted.

• RP reported car full of kids threw eggs at her car on Sunset Stockton.  Requested extra patrol.  No report.

• RP reported shots were fired at them.  No one was hit but the car by them was hit on 1487 Rd Stockton.  Brian Queen arrested.

• Officer out on warrant service at Hot Spot Stockton.  Warrant out of Christian County.  Brandon Duncan arrested.

• RP stated someone tried to break into her car on Davis Stockton.  Nothing taken.  No report.

• Car reported off the road on Hwy 97 and D.  MSHP requested assistance until they could arrive.  HBO

• Polk County reported male kicked female out of car and kept her phone.  They requested CCSO go to residence on 2025 Rd Stockton to recover phone.   Phone recovered.  HBO

Traffic stops:

• Umberview.  Warning for registration.

• Hwy 32.  Warning for no front plate.

• By Pirtle Auto.  Warning for registration.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• CCMH reported that owner was bitten by her dog on Hwy 32 Eldo.  Small puncture wounds to right hand and forearm.  HBD

• RP stated that 2 packages of face masks had been taken from his mailbox on North St Stockton.  RP did not want to file a report.   HBD

• CMH ER reported that owner was bitten by her dog on 1300 Rd Stockton.  Small wounds to right hand.  HBD

• RP reported cows on property with no ear tags on 1570 Rd Jerico.  HBD

• Officer out on extra patrol at Independence Church 1025 Rd Stockton.  No report.

• St Clair County reported a C&I driver on Hwy 82 from Taberville.  GOA

• RP reported that her convertible was egged on Craig.  Did not want to make a report.  HBD

• Alarm reported on E Hwy 32 Stockton.  Unfounded.

Traffic stops:

• Charles St Stockton.  Citation given for no insurance.  Both occupants have active warrants from Polk County but will not extradite.

• On Hwy 54 and 151 Eldo.  Warning for equipment.

• On Hwy 32 east dam entrance.  Warning for speeding.

• On South St and Richter.  Warning.   Denied consent to search.  Two occupants have active warrants but will not extradite.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire on Hwy B and 975 Jerico


• Assault reported in the Bear Creek area.  RP stated male assaulted girlfriend.  Girlfriend did not want to press charges and denied report.  HBO

• Alarm reported on 2191 Rd Humansville.  Owner thought the heater triggered the alarm.

• Barton County requested assistance on vehicle heading east from Hwy C Milford.  Original intent was for burglary and a domestic.  Disregard at this time.

• Drive off at Hot Spot Stockton.  Driver did return to pay.

• Alarm reported on 2191 Rd Humansville.  HBD.

• ESPD received a 911 call and could hear yelling in the background on Hwy EE Eldo.  Female stated nothing is going on.  HBO

• MVA on Hwy B Jerico.  Truck rolled over trapping driver.  Driver deceased on scene.  Towing called, Brumback called and coroner. HBO

Traffic stops:

• Hwy Z and 1225.  Investigative stop.

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 1 Eldo


• Trespassers reported on 400 Rd Stockton.  House is vacant and no one should be there but there are lights on.  Call cancelled.

• RP reported a fight between brothers and one brother wouldn’t leave the residence.  Wants an officer out there at SW 51 Rd Stockton. Transferred call to St Clair County.

• RP stated that his father’s house had been broken into on Allison Rd Eldo.  Front door glass has been broken.  HBO

• RP reported that the neighbor’s pit bull on 1345 Rd Stockton chased his wife from the mailbox to the house.  Did not bite her.  Last year dog got hold of wife’s coat and they liked to never got it loose.  Officer left message for owner that if it happens again he will be cited and the dog will be put down. Dog must be kept on a leash.

• RP stated that his double wide trailer had been broken into and a cabinet full of antique glassware was stolen on near Alder Church Stockton.  Requested extra patrol. Report taken.

Traffic stops:

• On Hwy 39 and 1325 Rd Stockton for no front plate.  One occupant on P&P.  One occupant with an active warrant out of Greene County, non-extraditable.  Parole officer notified.  Consent to search denied by both occupants.   

• East St Stockton.  Warning for equipment.

• Hwy 39 and 1325 Rd.  Warning for not stopping at stop sign.

• Hwy B and 125 Jerico.  Warning for not stopping at stop sign.  Active warrant out of Nevada non-extraditable.

• E Hwy and 97 Olympia.  Warning for failure to maintain lane.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Burglar alarm going off at Simmons Bank Stockton.  False alarm.  HBO

• Suspicious person reported walking on Hwy 32 near Filley.  Family members contacted to pick subject up.  HBO

• RP reported Allison’s had been broken into Eldo.  Report taken.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 5 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• RP stated a person he met online is threatening him in Eldo.  HBO

• RP reported ex-boyfriend harassing her at work on Hwy 32 Stockton.  Subject left but told her he’d be back.  HBO

• RP reported that her car had been egged again on Sunset Stockton.  She has text messages to prove it.  Report taken.

• CCSO received a call from RP stating her niece spent the night with her on 951 Rd Eld.  She was afraid to go home because her step father beats her.  Transferred call to Vernon County.

• Alarm reported going off at Woodys Stockton.  Contacted owner.  No issues.  HBD

Traffic stops:

• At Patricia’s.  Warning for failure to stop at stop sign.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 6 Eldo


• RP reported suspicious vehicle driving around Orleans Trail Resort and looking in windows and trying to get in cabins.  GOA

• RP reported suspicious person on the Stockton Square walking around looking into businesses.   Officer talked with subject and resolved situation.

• RP reported that she’d hit a deer and wanted Conservation’s number.  No injuries and no road blockage.  HBD

• RP reported ex-girlfriend is harassing him and his new girlfriend on Sac Stockton.   Spoke to an officer and was told this is a civil issue.

• MVA near Amvets Stockton.  Subject was transported to CMH.  MSHP, Sac Osage Electric and Century Link were all notified of damages.  Vehicle to be towed.  No report.

Traffic stops:

• By the Red Barn Stockton.  Warning for registration.  Nothing found on search.

• On Pine and South Stockton.  Stopped vehicle because the rear tire looked like it was going to fall off.  Warning for expired registration and license.

• On Higgins and High Stockton.  Warning for failure to stop at stop sign and for display of plates.

Ambulance calls: 5 Eldo

Fire calls: none