• RP stated mother would not return her child.  Per ESPD this is an ongoing situation with these subjects.  Clear no report

• Officer assisting vehicle on Hwy 32 and 54.  Trailer became unattached. 

• RP claimed she had been kidnapped in Eldo and they wouldn’t let her leave.  Transferred to ESPD.

• Trespasser reported on Hwy DD Cedar Springs.  Officer warning subjects about trespassing

• Received call of a child custody situation on Englewood Stockton.  Advised this is a civil matter.

• Received call that kids had moved road signs on Hwy M and AA Stockton.  Transferred to other agency

• RP stated signs relocated on roadway on Hwy M.    HBO

• RP requested medical help on 2900 Rd Eldo.  Transferred to Vernon County

• Domestic problem on 201 Rd Eldo.  Male will leave for the night.  HBO

• Officer reported debris in road on Hwy 32 and 925.  Cleared away

Traffic stops:

• Charles and South Stockton.  Warning for sharing tags

• Carmen Rd Eldo.  Warning for registration and failure to signal turn

• Hwy J at St Peter’s Church Stockton.  Consent to search denied.  Warning

• Hwy EE and 50 Eldo.  Report taken

Ambulance calls: 4 total

Fire calls: none


• Disturbance reported at Owl Haven Motel.  Music too loud.  HBO

• RP reported male laying in bushes when RP left the residence at 010 Rd Eldo.  He got up and left southbound to Hwy 54.  No report

• RP requested welfare check on 425 Rd Eldo.  Officer contacted subject and said they did not want contact with the RP and would inform them.  No report

• Assault on 950 Rd Stockton.  Husband struck wife several times.  Husband left premises for time being.  No report

• MVA at Woody’s Stockton.  HBO

• Pitbulls roaming neighborhood on 1491 Rd Stockton.  They are killing pets.  No collars on dogs.  No report

• Assault claimed on 166 Rd Stockton.  Suspect denies any contact.  HBO

• Possible child abuse reported in Springfield.  Report taken

• Cattle out on Hwy U and 651 Eldo.  Unfounded

• Cattle out on Hwy 54 and W Eldo.  Transferred to other agency

Traffic stops:

• Southbound on 151 Rd. arrest made

• Charles and South.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 3 total

Fire calls: none


• RP reported subjects riding RZRs around at midnight making lots of noise in Needmore. 

• RP stated that after leaving 96 hour hold brother has disappeared Stockton.  HBO

• Officer out on follow up on 2000 Rd with items.

• RP reported pickup pulled into driveway and took something out of house on 1700 Rd Stockton.  Later reported couldn’t find anything taken.  No report

• RP reported shed broken into and would like officer to make report on 101 Rd Eldo.  Report taken

• RP states son broke into house and slammed him to the floor and took the truck on Blake Stockton.  Report taken

• Officer reported suspicious vehicle at Hickory Grove Church Caplinger. 

• Christian Church requested escort for traffic control.  HBO

• RP reported subject making threats to them on Facebook.  HBO

• Alarm on 1521 Stockton. Cancelled

• Cattle out on Hwy K and 901 Stockton.  HBO

Traffic stops:

• South and Oak Stockton.  Warning

• Hwy B.  consent given for search.  Warning for registration

Ambulance calls: 6 total

Fire calls: grass fire west of Alder Church


• RP reported finding two glass pipes in a trailer on Hwy 39 Eldo.  No report

• RP requested a welfare check on Hwy M.  Subject is in the hospital.  No report

• Received complaint of male subject harassing girls at track meet.  No report

• Officer transporting prisoner from ESPD to CCSO.

• RP stated former employee has been banned from the property at Bolivar or any job site due to stealing.

• The Library at Stockton and Eldo have had the same subject come into both places and cause a disturbance by cussing and being confrontational.  Did not get name but if he shows up again, they are to report and they can file a restraining order.  HBO

• 425 and Hwy B officer reported doing a controlled burn

• Officer reported suspicious vehicle on Hwy 54 west of Eldo.  Vehicle to be towed

• Received call from parent at Agape.  Forwarded call

• MVA on 1225 and 1800 Rd Stockton.  Kenneth Jarrett arrested.  Dog taken to pound until subject able to get him

• Cow out on road on Hwy 54 Eldo.   HBO

• MVA on Hwy M and Sac River Bridge Stockton.  Medics transported to CMH.  Vehicle towed

Traffic stops:

• Hwy B east of 601 Jerico.  Waring for registration

• 1481 Rd Caplinger.  Jonathan Bilyeu arrested for active warrant in Cedar County

• Hwy 39 and 1800 Stockton.  Warning for speeding

Ambulance calls: 6 total

Fire calls: none


• Vehicle broke down on Hwy 39 south of Stockton. 

• Female came into CCSO to report subject trying to contact her and she has a restraining order.  HBO\

• DFS requested assistance with a case on Oak Stockton.  HBO

• Alarm on at Lake Stockton Clinic.  No report

• Extra patrol requested extra patrol on 350 Rd Eldo

• RP wanted to know why certain subjects had not been arrested and threatened to shoot them if they   

• Officers out to Court House as there is a disturbance there.  HBO

• RP reported semi on Hwy 39 stockton about to tip over in a ditch.  HBO

• Cattle on road on Hwy 39 and 1250 Stockton.  HBO

• RP reported suspicious person at Mike’s Towing Stockton.  Unfounded

Traffic stops:

• HH and BB Eldo.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 2 total

Fire calls: none


• RP reported her wheel chair is stuck and she needs help getting into apartment.   Transferred to ESPD

• Cow out on road on east Hwy 32 Stockton.

• Officer following up on earlier call regarding an order of protection.  HBO

• RP reported male released from school returned saying father assaulted him.  HBO

• MVA off of Hwy 245. Non injury.  Vehicle to be towed

• RP reported her daughter stating she had been inappropriately touched.  Hotlined to DFS

• Vernon County requested assistance transporting male subject to Eldo.  Met at county line

Traffic stops:

• Woody’s Stockton.  Julian Pam arrested for revoked license and is on P&P

• By food pantry Stockton.  Warning

• East Hwy 32.  Warning for registration

• Hwy 39 by Vet clinic.  Subject just bought vehicle

Ambulance calls: 3 total

Fire calls: none