El Dorado Springs Municipal Court

Sept 26, 2017

City of El Dorado Springs vs:

Patrick Aguilar, dog at large x 2, $101

Kristopher Beard, speeding 35/25, $47.50

Chance Bettis, speeding 35/25, $47.50

Dorothy Bosch, improper backing w acc, $60.50

Jacob Bowman, dist of peace fighting, unlawfully discharge gun in City, $351

Clifford Collins, speeding 35/25. $47.50

Chelsea Duncan, dist of peace fighting, $225.50

Charles Green, dis of the peace, $275.50

Juston Jackson, FTSstop Grand & Oak, expired operator lic, $126

Zachary Jamison, dist of the peace fighting, property damage, assault, $776.50 300 will ses 200 if make

Dylon Johnson, speeding 35/25, $51.50

Kristie Joplin, nuisance disabled 2nd offense, nuisance junk 2nd offense, $251

Alex O’Banion, FTYield w accdent, $100.50

Kaleb Raff, no license plates, FTSstop sign Field & Park. $151

Richard Sailors, FTSstop sign Twyman & M, $75.50

Michelle Schuchman, FTSstop sign  Main & Field, $75.50

Harry Whitmore, no license plates, $75.50

Donald Barker, stealing, $125 .50

Richard Harper, dist of the peace, $125.50

Christina Jewell, noisy barking dog, $75.50

Levi McNeely, speeding 35/24, $47.50

Gina Riboni, dist of the peace, $125.50

David Smith, FTSstop sign St James & Walnut, expired license plates, no operator license, fail to show proof ins, $327


Stefanie Meek, FTKeep rightw/acc, fail to show proof ins, $201


Jessie Ewing, dog license required, $100.50

Ruby Faught,  discharge gun in city limits, $175.50

David Griffith, fail to appear per ct order, $75.50

John Herndon, fail to appear per ct order, $75.50

Travis Karnes, weapon in City park proh, $175.50

Adam Prewitt, stealing, $325.50

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