Angela Barlow, property damage, $125.50.

Claudia Bishop, unlicensed kennel, $75.50.

Chandler Collins, no license plates, fail to show proof in ins., $201.

Michael Eliason, fail to stop stop light, $75.50.

Christopher Gray, dog at large, $50.50.

Trenton Hardie, dog running at large, $50.50.

Dawdi Heavener, poss drug paraphernalia, $175.50.

Mashell Queen, assault, $225.50.

Aaron Robles, expired operator lic, $75.50.

Jesse Ruston, poss drug paraphernalia, $175.50.

Cheyenne Smith, speeding 35/25, $27.50.

Ashley Williams, c&r driving w accident, $100.50.

Andrew Vessey, wrong license plates, fail to stop stop sign, fail to show proof of ins., $326.50.

Savannah Wyatt, throwing object prohibited, $75.50.

Kataherine Bell, no operator license, $75.50.

Melinda Goth, utility tampering, $125.50.

Falen Andrew, d. w. suspended, $325.50.

Jessica Beard, fail to appear per ct order, $75.50.

Richard Harper, fail to appear per ct order, $25.50.


Sheyenne Perry, fail to appear per ct order, $75.50.

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