WHEREAS, RICHARD BARR, a single person, by his Deed of Trust dated the 11th day of January, 2019, and recorded on the 14th day of January, 201 9 at Book 2019, pages 79 in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds, Cedar County, Missouri, conveyed to Jacob Dawson, the trustee, the following described property, situated in the County of Cedar, State of Missouri, to-wit:

All of Lots Ninety-seven (97) and Ninety-eight (98, LESS AND EXCEPT the North Fifty (50) feet of said Lots 97 and 98, in Block Fifteen (15, of Cruce’s West Addition to the City of El Dorado Springs, Cedar Comty, Missouri, according to the recorded plat thereof.

Subject to easements, reservations, restrictions and conditions of record if any.

which conveyance was made to the undersigned trustee in Trust, to secure the payment of a certain note in said Deed of Trust described; and

WHEREAS, default made and still continues in the payment of said note;

WHEREAS, NOW THEREFORE, at the request of the legal holder of said note, and in pursuance of the provisions of said Deed of Trust, the undersigned Trustee will sell the property above described at public venue to the highest bidder for cash, at the Cedar County Courthouse in the City of Stockton, Cedar County, Missouri on the 3rd of September, 2019 between the hours of nine o’clock a.m. and five o’clock p.m., to-wit; 1 :00 p.m. for the purpose of satisfHng

and indebtedness and the cost of executing this trust.


Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act 15 U.S.C. 1692c(b), no information concerning the collection of this debt may be given without the prior consent of the consumer given directly to the debt collector or the express permission of a court of competent jurisdiction. The debt collector or the express permission of a count of competent jurisdiction. The debt collector is attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

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