Sheriff Scott Keeler reported deputies made four warrant arrests, took two reports of stealing and a report of property damage during the week of Aug. 21-28, 2017.

Aug. 23 -Steven Wilson, 37, Osceola, was arrested on a St. Clair County warrant charging him with a class C felony possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana, class A misdemeanor possession of up to 35 grams marijuana and a class A misdemeanor unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. Bond is set at $15,000 cash or surety.

The original charges stem from a St. Clair County and Mid Missouri Drug Task Force investigation in Aug. 2016. A deputy was on NW 100 Rd for a check the well being. The reporting party was concerned for his father’s safety at the residence because while there, he observed people smoking something from a glass pipe.

A deputy arrived on scene and met with all parties on the property and came to the conclusion that everything was okay. After ensuring the well being, the deputy advised of the allegations of controlled substances being in the residence. A Drug Task Force Detective briefly spoke with Steven Wilson, who resides in the residence and who admitted to having a small amount of marijuana in his room. Consent to search the residence was granted. In Wilson’s room a marijuana pipe, grinder, marijuana, and a modified straw were located. The straw contained an adhered powder that field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Aug. 26 – Charles Fonteneau Jr, 27, Flemington, was arrested by a St. Clair County deputy on a class D misdemeanor driving while revoked/suspended- first offense.

The arrest stems from a St. Clair County investigation involving a suspicious person on SE 871 Rd. A reporting party explained that a male and a female showed up at their residence on a white motorcycle. She did not know either person and asked them to leave.

While searching the area, a white Kawasaki motorcycle was located on southbound 13 Hwy just north of US 54 Hwy with a flat tire and an expired license plate. Just south of the motorcycle, two helmets were found. The area was searched for the driver and passenger, but were unable to locate them.

During the investigation, the deputy spoke to employees at Pilot Travel Center. An employee stated he had observed a male and female arrive on a white Kawasaki motorcycle and got fuel. The employee showed video surveillance to the deputy of the subject arriving on the motorcycle, entering the store and leaving on the motorcycle.

While the deputy was standing outside of Pilot, a male subject exited the store and the employee advised the deputy that he was the male subject they was looking for. The subject was identified as Charles Fonteneau Jr. The deputy asked him if he knew anything about the incident on SE 871 Rd. Fonteneau stated he did not know what he was talking about.

A record check showed that Fonteneau has a suspended driving license. Fonteneau was asked again about driving the motorcycle and admitted it was him. The subject was identified as Charles Fonteneau Jr. He explained he had gone to the residence to try and locate his girlfriend because she was supposedly at that residence. Fonteneau was taken into custody for driving while revoked.

Aug. 27 – April Sturgeon, 23, was arrested by a St. Clair County deputy on a class D felony possession of controlled substance, a class D misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and a class B misdemeanor driving while intoxicated.

Sunday, August 27, St. Clair County deputies were dispatched to the area of A Hiwy at E Hwy in reference to a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road just sitting there. The female driver of the vehicle was asleep in the driver’s seat. When the driver woke up, she appeared to be impaired and sluggish with her speech.

As the female exited the vehicle, it was observed that sitting on the driver’s seat was a glass pipe known to be used for smoking methamphetamine. At that time she was placed in handcuffs and a Missouri driver’s license was obtained from her wallet. The subject was identified as April Sturgeon.

A deputy conducted a field test of the glass pipe and it did test positive for methamphetamine.

A search of the vehicle produced other pieces of paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana.

The deputy told Sturgeon to inform them before she goes into the jail if she has anything hidden on her body. While in the booking area, the jail supervisor handed a small clear plastic bag containing a crystal like substance to the deputy. Sturgeon gave it to the jail supervisor stating she forgot it was on her person.

Aug. 28, Bobby Louvier, 34, Collins, was arrested on three St. Clair County warrants charging him with a class D misdemeanor operating a vehicle on highway without a valid license. The bond set for this charge is $315 cash only. The second warrant is for an infraction of no seat belt. The third warrant is a class A misdemeanor resisting/interfering with arrest. This is a no bond warrant.

The class A misdemeanor warrant stems from a disturbance call on March 1, 2017. St. Clair County deputies were dispatched to SE 871 Rd. Dispatch advised the subject has already hit someone and is now armed with a hammer.

Upon arrival, a deputy made contact with Clint Wilkerson, he was bleeding from the face and pointed at the subject that hit him. Deputies started approaching the subject to speak with him about the assault. The subject was told several times to walk towards the deputies. The white male subject then turned and started running to the north, behind a trailer house. One deputy ran behind him and another ran around to the front of the residence as the white male came around to the front of the residence. A deputy pointed their taser at the subject and ordered him to the ground.

The subject went down to his knees and would not go all the way to the ground, A deputy assisted him the rest of the way to the ground, the subject tried getting up a few times and refuse to put his hands behind his back. He continued to resist and a drive stun with a department issued taser to the back of the subject was applied. He then placed his hands behind his back and deputies were able to place handcuffs on him. The subject was identified as Bobby A Louvier.

The class D misdemeanor and seat belt infraction stems from a traffic stop by the Missouri Highway Patrol on March 2, 2017.

St. Clair County deputy took a report from Carol Bealer in regards to an assault and property damage that occurred on Aug. 26. Bealer stated that when she and a paper server tried to serve papers to Paul Robertson, he became upset and grabbed a weed eater, started it, and came towards Bealer with it. She reported that Robertson raised the weed eater at her face. Bealer also reported that Robertson hit her car two more times with the weed eater.

Bealer stated that when they were in the car and trying to leave the property, Robertson had got onto an ATV and rammed her car twice while going down the driveway.

Another suspect had come down the road and threatened to get a gun. When the second suspect passed the vehicle, they spun their tires and threw gravel all over the car.

Suspects have been named and a request for prosecution has been filed.

This case is currently under investigation. Sheriff Keeler urges those with any related information to this case or any others to contact the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line, 417-646-5832, or email to

           Disclaimer: Arrest records are public information. Any indication of an arrest does not mean the individual identified has been convicted of a crime. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Property damage in Monegaw Springs

Aug. 25 – a St. Clair County deputy was dispatched to NW 40 Rd located off of YY Hwy in Monegaw Springs in reference to someone who had loosened the lug nuts on Krista Myers vehicle.

Upon arrival the deputy spoke with Myers. She explained to the deputy that they had a flat tire on the passenger side rear of her 2007 Pontiac G-6 on Aug. 24. Myers stated that she left the house this morning traveling down the gravel road and could feel the tire wobbling. She stopped to check the tire and found two of the lug nuts missing and the other three were loose. The deputy looked at the other three wheels on the vehicle, all three wheels were missing lug nuts and by the looks they had been missing for a long time the studs and holes were full of dirt and rusty. Myers was asked about the other missing lug nuts she stated she knew some of them were missing and had been since before they bought the car.    

The deputy asked her if she knew of anyone that would have done it. Suspects were named and a request for prosecution was signed.

Stealing report in Appleton City

Aug. 23 – a St. Clair County deputy took a stealing report from Marcus Balthrope on West First Street, Appleton City, in reference to a missing motorcycle and an ATV. Balthrope said he and his wife were away from their house from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Upon arrival home he noticed a Yamaha dirt bike and a Suzuki Quad ATV missing from his driveway. He stated he was working on them for their owner’s. Total estimated value is $1,000.

Stealing report in Osceola

  Aug. 25 – a St. Clair County deputy was dispatched to the end of SE 140 Rd in reference to a theft.

Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with Dylan Roeder. He stated sometime between 6 p.m. on Aug. 24 and 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 25, someone stole the battery out of his International 424 tractor that was parked in his barn. Roeder stated the battery cost $80.

These cases are currently under investigation. Sheriff Keeler urges those with any related information to these cases or any others to contact the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line, 417-646-5832, or email to

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