Oct. 21, ex-parte violation and assault at Birdseye, Milo

Oct. 21, careless and imprudent driving at I49 NB, Nevada.

Oct. 22, trespassing at S. 1450 Rd., Nevada.

Oct. 23, domestic dispute at E. Infantry Pass, Nevada.

Oct. 23, vandalism at E. Veteran Rd., Nevada.

Oct. 24, theft at N. Tower, Milo.

Oct. 24, property damage at E. Pony Hill, Nevada.

Oct. 24, harassment at E. John St., Nevada.

Oct. 26, assault at N. Hickory St., Nevada.

Oct. 27, theft at E. Atlantic, Nevada.

Oct. 27, domestic assault at E. Lady Rd., Richards.

Oct. 27, theft at E. 54 Hwy., Nevada.

Oct. 28, threats at BB Hwy., Nevada.

Oct. 29, theft at S. 2225 Rd., Milo.

Oct. 29, trespassing at S. 1375, Nevada.

Oct. 30, vehicle fire at S. 2225 Rd., Milo.

Oct. 30, vandalism at E. Marvin, Walker.

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