Justify won the Preakness, the second leg of the Triple Crown, without our help. Our satellite receiver lost contact during a deluge so we had to catch it on the news later.

– School was out Wednesday, so give the kids a brake.

– The Virginia Ryan Strain Pool opens Tuesday, the 29th.

-Memorial Day is the 31st. The observance will be Monday. There will be one at Virgil City Cemetery at 9:30 and City Cemetery and Schell City (Green Lawn) at 11. I intend to cover the two out of town and Kimball get will the one in town.

– I just went to the baseball awards night. Marisela and Jesus Guerrero cooked steak tacos for the entire crowd. A one word description –Wonderful. Their son, Orlando plays first base for the team. He got an award but his parents are the MVPs.

– Diana Johnson and Rusty Norval gave me a guided tour of the new ambulance headquarters in Stockton. She said she was most impressed with the triage room, where the ambulance crew can treat walk-ins for heart, cuts or whatever before putting them in the buggy to travel. The four sleeping rooms are behind locked doors to preserve privacy and keep medical supplies safe. The huge meeting room has three TVs on the wall to keep up with the news.

Rusty said they plan to build one in ElDo when they get that one paid off.

It probably took me close to an hour to leave the facility outdoors. There’s no such thing as a short conversation with Rusty. And I may have had a few things to tell him.

He did tell me that his son, Nick, is the youngest detective ever in the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department. I’ve never had to use my get out of jail free line that Rusty told me to tell Nick if he pulled me over.

Probably neither Nick or Rusty knew or remembered the time Rusty came out of his driveway on a 4 wheeler at Road 501 without looking east and Nick followed him right into my path as I came down the hill from the east. Thank God for quick reflexes. I’m looking over that hill every time I approach it now. And every other hill as I come to town. KL

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