Sunday while we ate dinner on the grounds at  the Concord Homecoming, Steven Barger told me his aunt, Sharon, had called to ask him to have us stop by for a photo of their brutalized mailbox which we did on our way home after church.

Then when we got close to home we saw Rod Bledsoe’s empty mailbox post. I figured the vandals had hit him, too. He called Monday to tell me he saw it happen. The St. Clair County mowing crew knocked his brightly colored mailbox out into Scott Morris’ field. Rod’s solution: he’s painting his mailbox camo so they will have trouble seeing it.

– I didn’t know much about Jim McCrary except that he won the Republican primary for sheriff of Cedar County. I was on speaking terms with him and that was about it. I called him and asked for an interview so he could give it some thought before we sat down. He came by Monday for the interview.

I enjoyed getting to know him. Mary and Kimball read it over and liked it. I emailed the interview to Jim and he changed one word – from “the” investigator to “an” investigator.

Hope you like it and learn from it.

– I went to the Clinic Tuesday. Most of the questions I tried to answer were about Davis and Kimball’s ElDo Rocks. Judy Carver, who helped Becky Collins find hers, immediately wanted to know when we will do it again. Starla Dobbs, a co-worker of theirs at the Clinic, told me how much fun she and her sons, ages 11 and 16, had looking for the rocks.

I told them I had nothing to do with hiding the rocks or making up clues. Davis hid them and came up with most of the clues. Kimball may have helped a little.

Someone from Mid Missouri Insurance Agency told Kimball that during the frenzy of the hunt, they asked their boss, Dennis Talley, to run the office while his staff went looking for ElDo Rocks.

We appreciate the businesses which sponsored the hunts.

I told Judy we’d do them more often if we could figure out a way to make them pay for themselves. KL

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