When I sat down for our chat, my computer balked – wouldn’t type anything. I hollered for Gwen who works a lot in MS Word, but Davis was closer. He tried several of his tricks (the younger generation is tricky) and when nothing else worked, advised me to run permissions. I had forgotten that I long ago told everyone here to run permissions if their computer did anything funky. I normally run permissions every time I fire up my computer.

Worked like a charm.

– Friday evening, I was working on transcribing my recording of the school board meeting when it got to be game time. The radio reception was awful and so was the play on the field in Cole Camp. I totally lost the game on the radio with the score 10-6 Bluebirds.  I turned it off for awhile to let the reception improve. I went back to my school board story. When I went back to the game, the score suited me better, 14-10 Bulldogs.

After the half, I decided to head toward home and listen on my pickup radio;. I drove up at the house and listened to the last few minutes of the game in my pickup.

I thought the final score was 28-20 Bulldogs but when I got Coach Scroggins report Tuesday, it was 28-16.

That just shows you that a good team doesn’t give up.

You can read Coach Scroggins’ almost play-by-play in sports. I’d say somebody or several somebodies know what they are doing in the mix of coaches and players. The Bulldogs didn’t win it on one play, but they just kept up steady pressure. And several Bulldogs carried the ball. You know the unsung heroes, the D-line and the O-line, had to be rock solid in their play. The opponent always looks for the weak link and obviously didn’t find much.

– Gwen Nickerson took off from work early on Friday to help her son, Josh, celebrate his 12th birthday. Do you remember being 12? I don’t. They went to Stockton Park skipping a swim in Lake Stockton.

-The 14th annual SCRG Chili Cook-off is coming up Oct. 20. Dust off your recipes and chef’s hats.

– Our daughter-in-law, Erica, gave Kimball a recipe for Philly cheese sloppy Joes that I just love.  Kimball has made it twice and says, “It goes pretty quick.” Ingredients include hamburger, provolone cheese, a green bell pepper, onion but not in my portion, catsup, Worchester sauce, beef bouillon, salt and pepper over a bun.

Don’t know yet what Erica and Davis are expecting, as in our second grandchild. Just as long as it’s healthy.

Van is almost 11 months old (on Sept. 28), going constantly in a crawl, pulling up on everything but not walking yet. Happy as a lark. Keeping Adrian and Cain busy. At his new daycare, he is usually on one lady’s lap when Adrian gets there. No, she doesn’t pick him up. He just crawls up on her lap.

-Just got a card Tuesday from Joe and Doris Norval reminding everyone about the Oct. 7, 61st Cole-Riverview-Hampton Community Reunion. The church is a half mile north on SE 71 Road off Hwy. 54 at the east end of Venter Bluff.

– Mary came back to my office Monday looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. She handed me a reunion register Cousin Donald Ray Boultinghouse had dropped off and she told me we had missed the Miller-Boultinghouse Reunion on Sunday. Kimball and I went to Sunday School then home for lunch. Never crossed our minds. Next year I hope someone gives me a reminder for the paper and for me. I think I missed one other in recent years when I went to someone’s baptizing. No such excuse this time. KL

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