The SCRG Chli Cookoff will be on Oct. 20. I mention that because that is the date Adrian and Cain picked for Van’s 1st birthday party only 8 days before his actual birthday.

If I were a betting person, which I’m not, I’d bet that he will be happy to see everyone, sort of like your puppy when you go back into the house after an absence of two minutes or two days.

When Adrian sent me the invitation, I replied, “Will it be a surprise?” She said “Probably.”

Erica had a doctor’s appointment this week. Davis brought a recording of the baby’s heartbeat. The doctor told them the period of static was the baby kicking. Still don’t know what we’re getting. Doesn’t matter. We’ll love it.

– I think it was Thursday night I covered a home volleyball game with Warsaw. During the first one I sat almost at floor level in front of Donna Thoreson. She made sure that I knew that one of the best players was her granddaughter, a freshman.

It was a lights out performance by every member of the team before a fairly small home crowd. The 25-12 wins in the first and second game were never in doubt.

The next home game will start at 6 p.m. this Thursday against Sherwood.

This is the best team I have seen in years, comparable to the two state championship teams we followed. They’ll play again here at 6 p.m. Oct. 4 against Butler. The JV plays at 6 then the Varsity starts at 7.  Another home game on Oct. 18 against Buffalo. From the schedule I have, that looks like the end of the regular season.

-I haven’t been able to make a softball game. I plan to change that at 4:30 p.m. next Monday when the Lady Dogs take on Humansville. The next Monday at 4:30, they take on Halfway here. District play starts on Oct. 10.

– I listened on radio to the Bulldogs game with Butler. Reception for much better than a week earlier. I never relax  during a game. Oh, when it got to be 32-0 with four minutes left in the game and the coach put in the JV, I kinda mentally took my foot off the gas.

-I plan go to the Cedar Bowl game in Stockton this Friday.  Starts at 7 if you’re interested. You never know what will happen when these two arch rivals meet.

– Bella, Adrian’s cat in exile with us, used to scare poor little 4 lb. Bellevue to death when she wanted to play with her. Bella would raise her head and back her ears which set Bellevue to yowling in terror. Before we rescued her, Bellevue lived in a room with about 30 cats perched on a foot square board up next to the ceiling in a corner.

I watched Monday morning as Bella tried to intimidate our other cat, Caddeaux. When Bella started posturing, Caddeaux just sat and looked at her without flicking a ear.  He always looks dead serious but is always ready to play. When Bella attacked him, it was game on. They rolled and tumbled to a draw until Bella decided she had better things to do in another room. Sometimes they snuggle when they sleep and Bella will hold Caddeaux down with her foot to clean his face and top of his head. They are good for a lot of laughs. KL