Soon, we’ll celebrate Christmas. It’s cold enough already. I saw on TV Monday morning that most of November was below average. Back when I hunted deer, often the weather was so warm during season that we couldn’t let deer hang and age. We had to work them up quickly before the flies carried them off.

I guess man is the only creature that is never satisfied with the weather or anything else in this world.

– We got a thank you note from Bobby and Frances Budd. He said at church Sunday that the weekend before he mentioned Job. He said little did he know that he was about to lose most of his worldly possessions. But he still has his wife and his children and his grandchildren.

– Our Monday deadline is going to take some getting used to. We have to finish the paper on Monday evening so we can send it to the printer Tuesday morning by about 8 a.m.

Last week the printer ran late (which is normal in the newspaper business) so we did not get the papers back here until about 10 p.m. Tuesday. I had visions of delivering papers to the stores Tuesday evening. Too late, of course. Maybe this week.

Kimball, Davis and Gwen worked late Tuesday night stuffing papers. Jill said they didn’t think to tell me at the Post Office that four or five workers would be there Wednesday so I didn’t deliver the route papers until Thursday morning. This week we should be back on our normal schedule.

– Friday evening I drove Kimball around to the four lighting contest winners so she could take photos without getting out. Judging the decorations would be a more dangerous job than picking winners in a baby contest.

Chamber CEO Jackson Tough said it better than I could. “It’s easy to see the holiday season is upon us. The Wonder City of west central Missouri is lit in all its festive glory and homeowners are adding to the splendor with their own Christmas lights, décor, music, video and other elements. The Chamber of Commerce Holiday Home Decorating Contest judges had an extremely difficult time deciding who to award the prizes to again this year, some very close competition indeed. Many contestants have added outstanding accents to set the holiday mood, and some of our local decorating veterans like the place winners really ‘stepped up their game,’ continuing to expand and refine their efforts. Start an annual tradition this year. Bundle up the kids, make some hot chocolate and tour some of the Wonder City’s Holiday Homes this season.”

“The Chamber of Commerce reminds you to shop locally this holiday season. Support those merchants who support your community.   – Merry Christmas.” KL