– We had an hour long wait to get into Sister Marcine Benham’s family night Friday. During the wait, I saw just about every cousin I’ve got.

Didn’t have a clue about the couple in line ahead of us. I asked her if her tall leather boots were for snow. Yes, and she likes snow. She was happy when they moved from Stockton to Utah. Her husband doesn’t like snow. He works on well pumps. They live east of Stockton now.

They asked where we live. We started the directions at Concord Church where Bro. Ralph was our pastor for 12 years. Sis. Marcine had babysat the husband when he was four years old.

Our directions went north from there. Finally, he, Neal, asked if we knew Carl Taylor. Yes, he’s our neighbor. The wife, Casey, said, “My sister is married to Chris Taylor.”

I said, “We were at the wedding.”

Casey said she was there, too. I’d guess she was in the wedding party but Kimball and I don’t remember. We also don’t remember Neal and Casey’s last name. But I do remember they’ve been together like 17 years and have children ages 4 and 2 at home.

Chris’ wife is named Lacey. Sounds like a sister to Casey.

When we finally got up to the family, no one needed any introductions after seeing all the Benham kids at church for 12 years at various times and being related by marriage to David.

When  I was talking to Bro. Ralph, I said, “It will get lonesome after everybody goes home.”

He said, “It already has.”

He confirmed the story I remembered: He and a bunch of young men watched a group of young women walk into Hazel Dell church. Ralph told the other boys, “The red head is mine.”  He said, “It happened just that way.” And for nearly 57 years they were husband and wife.

– When I was reading the Cedar County Sheriff’s Report from 12/24, I saw something a little unusual:

• Received call of trespassers on 350 Rd El Dorado. Negative contact made.

• Received a request for a deputy to check an open gate on Tilden Stockton.  Handled by officer.

• Received a call of stolen propane tank at Woody’s Stockton. Report taken by officer.

• Traffic stop south of El Dorado on 32 Hwy. Warning given for failure to maintain lane.

• Traffic stop at B Hwy and 601 Rd Stockton. Clear, report taken.

• Received call of dogs behaving aggressive to neighbors. Have tried to contact owners to no avail. Asked for deputy assistance but unable to make contact with owners.

• Received a call from Silverline Ranch of missing cattle, grain and hay. Clear, report taken by officer.

• Sleigh and 8 reindeer sighted in the sky.  Sleigh seemed to be very loaded.

Who said the sheriff’s dispatchers don’t have a sense of humor? Of course, if the driver had been loaded it would have ended differently.

-Since I am a farm boy, this headline on an Extension press release got my attention: Trick your cows into calving in daylight hours. The “trick” is feeding the cows, especially first calf heifers, late in the day instead of first thing in the morning like Dad and I always did.

Wonder if that will work with people. OK, don’t give your expecting wife her hay until late in the day. KL