Have I told you what I like about icey weather on the weekend? Absolutely nothing.

The only thing I accomplished that was worthwhile was study my Bible a little both days. I read about Samuel anointing Saul king over Israel and how long it didn’t take the new king to run afoul of God. Then Samuel, kind of on the sly, anointed David to replace Saul but I didn’t read far enough to see that happen. Meanwhile David launched a smooth stone into a giant’s forehead then used the giant’s sword to remove his head. That’s the short version.

It’s back in I Samuel if you want to read it for yourself.

Question: Why did David put five smooth stones in his bag? He just needed one.

– We have some security upgrades at the R-II School. First – there is now a locked entrance on every door at the school with the addition of an entrance cage at the High School. Visitors enter the north double doors at the High School then a secretary buzzes them in. I think it’s the same at the Elementary and Middle School.

As of Feb. 1, the school has a School Resource Officer, Josh King, who is a Cedar County Deputy Sheriff carrying CCSO authorized duty weapons. I hear he is popular with the students and the teachers. The school pays the county his salary and he reports to the Sheriff.

According to the contract, which was signed by the Sheriff, the Superintendent and the Presiding Commissioner, “if the Superintendent or Principal is dissatisfied with the SRO, then he/she may request that the Sheriff assign a different SRO. The Sheriff at his sole discretion shall have the authority of hire, discharge and discipline the SRO. Any concerns regarding the performance of the SRO shall be forwarded to the Superintendent who will forward the concern to the Sheriff.”

“Cost of the SRO Program shall be $31,724 per year or $2,643.66 per month.”

“The SRO will work the normal school year and summer school. Whenever possible, it is the intent of the parties that the SRO’s duty hours will confirm to the school day. The SRO may be on duty at selected after school events as agreed upon between the parties.”

That’s all I’m going to tell you about the SRO’s duties right now. The Sheriff and I agreed that it would be in the best interest of school security not to make public everything in the contract. If anyone tries something at the school, I want to leave some surprises on the SRO’s side of the ledger. In keeping with that, the Sheriff blacked out several lines of the contract. He did leave in about two pages of duties of the SRO but I won’t bore you with the details. I think four sentences pretty well sum it up, “To act as the designee of the campus administrator in maintaining the security of the campus and to provide a safe environment as to law enforcement matters and school policy violations. This includes buildings, grounds, parking lots, lockers and other public school property. This also includes responding to and investigating reports of crimes on school property, traffic enforcement near the school, issuing citations and/or making arrests or detaining student(s) or other individuals. As to school policy violations, the SRO may refer the students to the principal’s office for investigation and due process.”

And that’s just the short list.

– After seeing Keilan Jacques in action at the home wrestling meet a couple of Thursdays ago, I’d have to guess that the kid who beat him must be pretty good. But Keilan is still No. 12 in the state and a record holder for our school. KL