I hope you and yours had a pleasant Mother’s Day. I did intentionally stroll over to the Victrola to look at the photo of Kimball’s mom and dad sitting happily by their fireplace and at the photo of my parents Kimball took at their 50th anniversary celebration.

You know that I’m always that last to know, which suits me fine. As we left church about noon Sunday, Kimball told me she would fix me a quick lunch because we were going to meet Davis, Erica, Ben and Reese for dinner in Nevada when Erica got off work. So I embarked on a quick nap when we got home.

Erica was running late at work because of the Mother’s Day crowd so it looked iffy on getting to take her out to eat. At the last minute, she made it home so we headed to Nevada. When we got to one restaurant it had just stopped seating people, so we headed to another one.

You may recall that last year we surprised Erica at her job on Mother’s Day, the first one she had got to spend with her son, Ben, in his 10 years. We didn’t want her to miss Reese’s first one.

The food was delicious and the company was even better. Ben knew exactly what to do with his order. Reese was a happy baby. Didn’t cry once whether she was in her rock-a-roo, Momma’s arms, Daddy’s arms or Kimmie’s arms (she doesn’t want to be called Grandma.) Erica and Kimball knew exactly what to do with the long stem red roses the restaurant provided.

– We gained a grandchild or lost one over Mother’s Day. Adrian called a flower order to a local florist shop. Kimball’s Happy Mother’s Day card that accompanied the pretty flowers said it was from Cain, Adrian and Zan. So for 18 months we’ve gotten it wrong, I guess.

– They took a first class photo at his daycare. Adrian showed it to him and was trying to get him to name his five classmates. He was on the second row. When she asked him, “Where’s Van?” He started patting himself on the head to show Momma where he was.

– I got my first smile from Reese one day late last week. Erica brought her over and Kimmie immediately took her and brought her into my office. I greeted her, “Well, hi Sweetie” and she gave me a smile. It will be a few months before she waits on customers at the front counter like Aunt Adrian did.

– Talk about frustrating. About two weeks ago, Mary’s computer started messing up on little things when she was working in the on-line billing program after it worked flawlessly for 14 months. Last week the problem became pronounced, so I got involved. I put my cell phone on speaker and called for help sitting right beside Mary. First tech we talked to didn’t have a clue for an hour and 38 minutes. Finally, we got one that told us how to fix it.

We shut down the computer and Mary went home for the weekend. Monday morning, she was back to square one – nothing worked. The last technician which Mary spoke with for 3 hours and nine minutes has assigned us a case number and will get back with her Tuesday.

Our friend/computer tech, Dewey Hansen, is coming Thursday to upgrade the system in Mary’s computer. At times, I have thought I knew something about our Mac computers. I have completely gotten over that. KL

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