Kimball reminded me to tell you it is our 40th anniversary of being owned by the Sun.

– Last Tuesday, I interviewed the new doctor in town, Dr. Andrew Wyant MD. Kimball and I met him and his wife, Krystal, and their three kids at the hospital cake and ice cream social but didn’t get to talk very long because everybody wanted to meet and greet them.

So, Jeanne Hoagland set up an interview for last Tuesday afternoon. It has to be one of the easiest interviews I have ever had the pleasure of doing. I turned on the tape recorder, said hello, asked maybe two questions and turned the tape recorder off almost an hour later.

Dr. Wyant answered every question I could have thought of. He’s as excited to be in El Dorado Springs as a kid with a new toy.

You know that I don’t tell you something is going to be funny. I just lay it out there and let you decide for yourself. I’ll take the chance of telling you that you are gong to like Dr. Wyant. He’s sincere, likeable, knowledgeable, very open. Kind of like sitting across from a new friend at a coffee shop.

The “mission” they call it for him and his LPN wife, Krystal, is to provide old-fashioned family medical service to the Tri-County area for the next 20 or 30 years. Obviously with 50 minutes of taped conversation, I either had to write a book or pick and choose.

I’m accustomed to being really careful with words in an obituary. I had the ideal accomplice in editing my 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th drafts in Jeanne Hoagland who had to do that kind of editing when she used to write obituaries.

I hope our Page 1 article on the Wyant family will answer most of your questions. If you see the doctor and Krystal out and about in town, go up and introduce yourself. They like meeting people here.

We might get to see Krystal perform at the Picnic. After their whirlwind three coffee date romance, Dr. Wyant called his dad back in Indiana who told him her family lived five doors down from them. Her father is a full-blooded Hawaiian who plays the ukulele while Krystal dances and sings. Ron Alumbaugh, Picnic emcee, is looking for more acts. Don’t know if Krystal’s dad will want to drive this far.

– You know about my sense of humor or lack thereof. Sometimes I just can’t resist something even the 2nd or 3rd time.. I got a note from Judith Bowles: “This is not a letter to the editor – it’s just to say that I’m glad the turtle jumps and frog races are back with the Picnic. I put the new headline on the refrigerator with the old that still gives me laughs. Thanks.”

I honored her wishes. This is not a letter to the editor column.

– Reese had only smiled at me once until Davis brought her into my office and stood her on the writing tray at my desk. Now every time he holds her there, she is all smiles. And she was smiling at me Monday evening while Erica was giving her a bottle.

When Adrian, Cain and Van were visiting at Easter, Van was standing in our north patio door and I asked if he could say, “Grandpa.” He immediately came back with “Pop-ee.”  I was chatting with him and Adrian on FaceTime this week and twice, unprompted he called me Pop-ee. Suits me fine.

He’s almost 21 months. She’s almost four months.

– Governor Parson will sign an executive order closing state offices on July 5. I echo his thoughts: “The Fourth of July reminds us of the freedoms we cherish as Americans and the brave men and women who have fought to preserve this great country. Missouri is known as a state that honors our veterans. May we never forget their selfless sacrifice on behalf of freedom. Thank you to our state team members for everything you do for Missouri, and may God continue to bless you all. From my family to yours, we wish you a peaceful and joyous Independence Day weekend.” KL

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