Adrian did show her Southern side during the Picnic. One of her friends commented on how humid it was. Adrian said, “It’s not humid.”

One year during the summer, Kimball and I were up here from Shreveport and I helped Dad in the hay. He thought it was humid. I didn’t.

I set my alarm for 4:45 a.m. Sunday so we could tell Adrian goodbye as she left for the KCI airport to return her car and catch her plane.

I talked to her about noon on Sunday and she had just landed in New Orleans and was in her car headed for Baton Rouge.

One day while she was in my office, Cain called her on Facetime.Van was running around and hollered :Momma” once in awhile but I’m not sure he ever looked at the phone screen.

I called her Monday morning to see how Van received her when she got home. He had spent the time with his cousins so he didn’t really have time to miss Momma. His Dad is working from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. putting new guardrails on the 26 mile long Causeway so Adrian hasn’t seen much of him either.

When Adrian got home, Van was more excited to see her car than he was her. He wanted to sit in the driveway and “drive” the car for awhile.

Our grandson, Ben, got to eat some Picnic food. His baby sister, Reese, drank her way thought the Picnic and stayed in the cool.

– Put your right foot in – take your right foot out. Celebrate Smokey Bear’s 75th birthday this Thursday at the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield. The Hokey Pokey with Smokey starts at 6:30 p.m. Wonder if our local Smokey, Ron Brown, will go down for the festivities.

– Thursday morning I spent three hours on the tennis courts shooting photos of the winners of the games. Friday, I spent four hours there because the games ran past noon. I sunburned a little in the shade.

I shot the blast off of the Run and Walk for a Reason Saturday morning.

We went to the Class of 1959 reunion on Saturday. They were just five years ahead of me, but I didn’t know a lot of them.

Saturday night was the 55th reunion of my graduating class. I didn’t recognize everybody. Deloris McCormick did. As soon as I walked up, she stuck my nametag on my shirt with my name already written on it.

There was a taller classmate at the reunion I didn’t recognize: Wilbern Dobbs. He told me that in the second grade in Mrs. Kirbey’s class, I went home and told my parents that he was in my class but was using a different name. I knew him as Sonny when we played at Uncle Cleo and Aunt Thelma’s house who we both called uncle and aunt.

I knew the tallest classmate, George Crawford. He told me that he met his wife at a Tall Club. Guys had to be at least 6’5” and girls 5’10” to attend. He picked out the prettiest girl and married her. She is 6’ tall. Come to find out, they worked for the same company but had never crossed paths. Sure did enjoy seeing my classmates. I think the list of those who have passed on exceeded the number of us who were there.

-We went over to Davis and Erica’s house Saturday evening to try to visit but Erica and the kids were gone. Davis let us in and we saw a neat needlepoint sign on their bedroom wall: Mr. and Mrs. Est. 2018. KL

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