Had a phone call Monday from a lady in Stockton wanting me to check on the Kevin Costello case. She said wild rumors are flying down there about what happened to Kevin and why. You remember, of course, that someone followed him out of Stockton north, then passed him, then blocked the road. When he stopped to see what they wanted and got out, the passenger in the other car apparently circled behind Kevin’s car and hit him from behind.

Kevin took off running and walked all night showing up at a house south of El Dorado Springs about noon the next day.

As I told the lady I would do, I called Sheriff McCrary to see if there were any new developments in the case. When he answered his cell phone, all I had to say was. “Hello, Sheriff” and he said, “Hi, Kenny.” I told him I had given up trying to make anonymous phone calls. He said he had, too. Everybody recognizes our voices.

I told him why I was calling and he said there is nothing new in the case. He said he pays absolutely no attention to rumors.

I asked him if there is anything else going on in the county and he said there is nothing unusual happening.

We briefly discussed the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio and we both were glad that the officers in Ohio killed the shooter in a minute or less.

– I had a great get-acquainted interview with the new football coach, Kelly Beckner. As is my practice, I taped and transcribed our interview, then set it to him for editing. Actually, I sent it to Jeremy Barger because I didn’t construct his email address properly. I told Coach Beckner to add or delete anything because it was his words. What I got back was a much improved version of our interview for you.

This guy is good. In four out of the last seven years, he took teams to state and played for the state championship in 2017. That’s his plan for the Bulldogs.

When you meet Coach Beckner, you’ll find him very friendly and easy to talk to.

The new baseball coach is next on my radar.

– You may have already learned that Erica Long, Davis’ wife, is our new front office person. She’s doing a great job of whipping our financial records into shape. That’s what I hear from Kimball who is not shy about complaining if she thinks the Accounts Receivable list is out of whack. In the past, Kimball has come into my office on a Monday, shut both doors and set down to complain. I soon chased her out telling her it was deadline day and I didn’t have time to listen.

Since Erica and Davis are here every day, that means we get to see our granddaughter, Reese. She seems to be getting accustomed to the office routine. She really likes “Aunt” Gwen who holds her quite a bit. Reese either smiles at me a lot or laughs at me when I go up front and talk to her. As long as she’s amused.

– Adrian keeps us updated on Van who is starting to get a lot taller. He’s sticking with the name he gave me when I asked if he could say Grandpa. When I’m talking to Adrian on the phone, he runs about saying, “Pop-ee.”

In about a month, Snider Cain should be here. That may be a shock to Van. And a handful for Adrian and Cain. I just ask for a healthy baby and mom. KL