Kimball is going to make one of those trips you never want to make. She’s going to help her sister-in-law bury her brother’s ashes. Sad time in Shreve’s Burg.

Adrian would be a big help but she is too great with child to make the trip from Baton Rouge. I haven’t been told if I’m going. I kinda figure the girls would rather have the house to themselves. If our niece, Ginny, comes she might need a place to sleep.

– Our computer tech/friend Dewey Hansen planned to come down from Kansas City, KS, last Thursday to upgrade the operating system in computer on my desk to match everybody else.

As I was going home Tuesday morning, I called back to the office to check on something. Kimball told me that Gwen said the server was dead. I suggested the usual quick fix, run permissions. No, I heard back, it’s dead – won’t even come on.

So, I called Dewey. He reshuffled his day because everything runs through the server. We were dead in the water.

I correctly guessed the problem – the power supply. But Dewey told me later, I had no idea what was involved in changing one out. The power supply is at the bottom of the computer. He had to take everything out to get to it. Instead of fixing a flat tire, it was more like changing out a motor.

Then he upgraded my computer from OS 10.6.8 to OS 10.12.  I lost all my Adobe programs that I seldom used anyway. My Microsoft Word, which I do use daily…well I’m still figuring it out.

As usual, I’m being dragged kicking and screaming into the latest computer technology. I’d still be using my old Mac SE 30 if it would work with our new system. It had some “Macros” in MS Word that really saved me some keystrokes. But some of the photos I use now are bigger than the 20 megabyte hard drive I had under my old faithful SE 30.

– I had to scrounge around on the Internet to get the photo of Matthew and Bruce Rogers as Missouri state champion crappie fishermen. Matthew would enjoy a cold weather hole Kimball and I have (or used to have) on a bend in the channel on Toledo Bend where every crappie is over 2 lbs. At first we thought the crappie up here were runts.

– Jeanne Hoagland, who handles PR for the hospital, said she wants to thank everyone on behalf of herself and the hospital for all the support in the election.

Jeanne’s about to learn. She starts almost every conversation with me, “What are you up to?” I either tell her what I last weighed or that I haven’t been on the scales lately. Mostly the latter. So far, I’ve had the good sense to never ask her that. KL