A goody from Derrill Price III, son of my good friend, Derrill Price II, who was killed in Vietnam by a female sniper before he met his son. “Don’t you just hate it when you offer someone a sincere compliment on their moustache and suddenly she’s not your friend any more?”

I heard that his unit went back and took out the female sniper.  I visited Derrill’s sealed casket in the funeral home that used to be across from the post office as I was leaving town to report to my first full time job in Birmingham.

I spent the night in Little Rock and thought it was some kind of cruelty joke when the restaurant served me mashed potatoes on my breakfast plate.

Kimball has done that only she calls it grits and I quickly learned to add butter and like them.

Bulldog Homecoming is this Friday, Oct. 4. You know the drill: parade, rally in Park, coronation before the Cedar County Bowl game with Stockton.

Wear black. The football team wants to black out the Tigers.

I wasn’t optimistic Friday night when the Bulldogs barely managed to tie the Butler Bears 14 all at halftime after Butler scored what looked like two easy TDs.

When they came back out after half, it was like two different teams were playing. The Bulldogs scored when they wanted and the Bears didn’t. Do you think it had anything to do with coaching?

Even after watching the game, I really anticipated Coach Beckner’s report on Monday. I couldn’t begin to analyze the game like he does each week.

– Sorry to learn about the death of our neighbor, Rod Bledsoe, last Saturday. I spoke with his wife, Carla, during the day Monday. Kimball saw the ambulance go up to his house, but we didn’t know Rod was that bad. As Carla and I agreed, at least we know where he is now and forever.

Rod told me about a time he stood up at Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church and challenged the congregation to pray the power down on him because he didn’t think it was real. Dad was the pastor at the time.

Rod said that when he stood up to leave, he couldn’t make it to the door. I think he was saved somewhere else, but he never challenged God again. KL